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  1. Upload my first new train video since September yesterday.

    Video can be seen here


    1. SaggersRhot


      Cool video. I was just in Branchburg, Nj and I got stopped at a crossing and a NJ Transit train went past.

  2. I wear both boxer shorts and Boxerbriefs. Most boxer shorts are American Eagle. Boxerbriefs are a variety of Hanes, Champion, American Eagle, and Calvin Klein. I also have a couple pairs of Ethika Boxerbriefs too.
  3. Wow! Thank You Lee.
  4. Grey Sweatpants, Long Sleeve T-shirt, and blue Champion Boxerbriefs.
  5. Yes I’m diagnosed with Autism. Asperger syndrome to be exact. I can be emotionally sensitive at times and get stressed out very easily. I try to do my best to perform at work to the best of my ability however it is not easy. Eric
  6. Tonight’s Sunset 


  7. Relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea during this “Nor Easter/Blizzard” at the Jersey Shore.



    1. Daddysgums


      Hell yeah zombie snowman bound lol

    2. Astg94


      Same here. We got a lot of blizzard! Thankfully we’re staying home safely.

  8. Currently wearing blue t-shirt, blue sweatpants and red Hanes Boxerbriefs
  9. Red t-shirt, blue sweatpants and new Ethika Boxerbriefs as seen in photo.
  10. Black sweatpants, blue sweatshirt, and Red Jockey Boxerbriefs.
  11. Great Sag! I’m also wearing American Eagle Boxerbriefs myself!
  12. Decided to get into the Holiday spirit so these are the Boxerbriefs that I’m currently wearing. These are part of a 3 pack EMK
  13. decided to go shopping today and bought some new American Eagle Underwear being that its been a while since I shopped there.






    1. ElCarnicero


      I know you'll look great in those!

    2. cullenboi


      looks great!!! 

  14. Nice! I also wear American Eagle Boxerbriefs. Would like to see if possible.
  15. Red sweater, blue sweatpants, and American Eagle flannel snowflake boxer shorts
  16. Currently wearing blue sweatpants sweater and Hanes Boxerbriefs as seen in photo
  17. Blue sweatpants, t-shirt and new Jockey Boxerbriefs
  18. Blue sweatpants, long sleeve shirt, and American Eagle Boxerbriefs as seen in photo.
  19. Black sweatpants, t-shirt and new Jockey Boxerbriefs.
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