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  1. More photos coming soon boys, rest assured ;)

  2. I come for yooouuu X) lol

    You're my number one sagging request! :)

    Keep up the fabulous work gorgeous ;) 

  3. Wow that is one HOT avatar!

  4. Hey yall, is there not a way to see who I'M following? I can only seem to see whose following me lol.

    It's one reason I don't log on as often is because I've got like 300+ notifications and craziness lol.


    That said, I've just overhauled my followers a bit and intend on making regular appearances ;)
    Profile update coming soon, with more sags ;P

  5. This is like my story! Lolol I was in Vegas on a fraternity conference for my gay frat. The three brothers I shared a room with were all getting ready to hit Piranha, a gay club, and two had gone down to the lobby. While the third dropped trow for me in his red American Eagles and hopped in the shower -- I hopped into those sexy red Eagles First nut of the trip lol, and not the last. He didn't know I did that. And I kinda want to tell him
  6. Dude I think I'm in love ;)

  7. Followed behind anther sexy **** just now. Gray jeans, white kicks, and black boxer briefs Omfg I was almost drooling over that ass 😛

    1. Sagonmyface


      I'd being doing that if I were behind you! ;)

  8. Just saw this adorable Mexi Indian sagger. I almost dropped everything and followed behind him like a silly lil puppy dog 😉 mmm

  9. Paul91

    Exchange Pictures ;)

    Can we not just post right into the thread? ;3
  10. What would you do if you heard me comment on your sag ;) or if I got close enough to slide my finger across the top? ;D

    1. bendover


      Just reading that has given me a b o ner

    2. udnytmig18


      would deff start a convo with u and would deff let u do what u wanted to do bro! :D

    3. Paul91


      Ugh!! Fantasies galore!! Ahah XD

      Every time I see a sagger in public I sooo want to slide right on over and say Heeyy ;)

  11. Needing a new wardrobe xP any styles I should look for?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Wardrobes need atleast another dozen lol

    3. Paul91


      I honestly have more underwear than I can count (and I still like to get a new pair every few weeks lol). What I'm thinkin of is jeans, shoes, hats, belts, shirts, that kinda stuff :P

      I like H&M, but I really want some Nikes and/or Adidas, too lol.

      What typea shoe should I check out ;P

    4. CaptainPanther


      how about those wooden one with the fabric fronts? they look good and hold a fair bit of clothing. you put them up yourself but they are good storage units

  12. I really wish my boyfriend like sagging, I would die for a sagger boyfriend ;)

    1. BoxerBriefsFTL


      We should date then lol I love to sag

    2. Paul91


      An interesting proposition lol

      I'm gettin my boy to sag more already ;P

  13. Paul91

    How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Have?

    LOL Dude I'm loving how some of you guys fold your stuff an organize it all nice like I do! Ahah this is badass xD I easily got around 50-100 pairs lol, but I only wear like half (the nicer ones ;D)--the rest are in a box lmao

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