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  1. some pics

  2. Anyone into dirty & diapers?

    1. JeansSagger


      yea, i'm into diapers! :D

  3. Cumming In Your Silky Boxers :)

    I usually cum inside my boxers/briefs. It doesn't take too long to dry (talking about 10 to 30 mins, I guess) and I really love it (and less paper and napkins wasted )
  4. looking for swapping used/worn undies!!

  5. swap worn undies and masters/slaves in cam!

  6. looking for underwear trade!

  7. looking for underwear trade!

  8. I love jocks, because I'm a crack addict.

  9. Hi. I love your handle, mainly because I like jockstraps and thongs also. I have a lot of them, and sag in both of them. I especially like it when I can sag in places where there aren't people around (who would object, that is!); I'll sag anywhere from half-butt to below the butt (I'm freeball sagging just now, sitting on my waistband -- and leaking precum). Anyhow, we seem to have similar interests, which I why I friended you. I'd love to hear from you if you want to communicate.

  10. anybody for cam2cam?


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