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    When I was 12 I found a pair of tighty whities in the woods on a camping trip. They had been modified by hand. Someone had cut the waistband off and resewn it on much lower, resulting in very low rise bikini undies in my size. I put them on and immediately exploded. Now i am an underwear pervert. Underwear is more sexy than naked. If I could get away with it, I would not ever wear pants, and no one else would either.
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    Design and alter clothing
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  1. Underpants

    I think the love of sagging is a love of underwear. At least it is for me.
  2. I got kicked off of Naughty Bids, Now I'm on Banned Bids.

  3. Pink underwear pic on Gearlads profile page

  4. One of my Pink undy pix was permitted. There is a pic in GearLads. You can get there from a link in this site.

  5. Posted the pink briefs in my "Underpants" folder. Waiting for approval. l

  6. Sag in Blue

    Blue boxer sags.
  7. It takes a a great butt to sag in briefs, and you pulled it off. Looks HOT!

  8. I love jocks, because I'm a crack addict.

  9. I got some new pink American Apearal undies yesterday

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mick22


      piccies requiered nooowww u kno pink is my colour or u just teasing us lol

    3. gayunderpants


      Wow guys I didn't know so many others liked PINK. I will try to post pic but the admin doesn't approve some of my undies pix

    4. gayunderpants


      I don't think they will approve them.I have on pic in Gearlads for sale items.

  10. Sag in pink

    Saggin' in different pink boxers
  11. I've been looking at your pix and I need to go out and get serviced.

  12. Freeball Sagging Websites?

    Help me out here, If you are sagging, and freeballing, and let's say you forgot your shirt today....Do we get to see some pubes and crack? I am a crack addict.
  13. Random Pix

    These are some pix lying around in my computer
  14. Sag in White

    Classic white is sexy to

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