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  1. arintur

    I will be the first time bot.

    yessss... the end. the pain of love and lust.... myself feel different. This strange..
  2. arintur

    I will be the first time bot.

    yes i bought water-based lube doing finger massage. My boyfriend says i knows everything and everything will be fine. "I do not trust him he knows some things but only he knows the porn film" him has planned everything... i know good person.. but I suck him some time he can be very hard. lay back position is more controlled yes this is very reasonable. uppssss everything will be fine. Thanks friends.
  3. arintur

    Donald duck

    I think someone bite on Friday.
  4. arintur

    I will be the first time bot.

    I am sure.. It will be like hell. I think love sometimes mean pain. I wish, though only oral... Friday could change my life. Many thanks for your suggestions i feels good to talk.
  5. arintur

    I will be the first time bot.

    I tried just one finger in my life and I cried with pain I hope he want condom.. Thanks for help.
  6. My boyfriend really wants to make me bot. I'm a little scared... I want too... butt... Two days later we went to the camp and will be there. How do you think? What can I do to make it easier. I am afraid the pain.
  7. arintur

    Donald Duck

    My final version :)
  8. Thanks for adding me mate :)

  9. arintur


    Toys It may be wise for the first real test. I Never tried toys. but I cried my first time. pain and will never try it again.
  10. arintur

    Waxing A Sagger Guy...

  11. arintur

    Any guy bi or gay?


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