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  1. Got some under armour compression shorts for christmas...can't wait to sag in them ;)

  2. Just got back from a week long scuba diving trip in the florida keys!

    1. Guest


      That sounds fantastic!

    2. Musicxlover617
  3. so excited for this weekend! Some private time with my friend :D

    1. CosmoBoy


      sounds very nice indeed ;)

    2. Rekhel


      Same here ! 3 days with my little boy... :D

    3. Musicxlover617


      It was very very fun... ;)

  4. Musicxlover617

    What Do You Wear To Swim In?

    Either boardshorts or athletic shorts with compression shorts underneath
  5. Take a moment to think of the bombings at the Boston Marathon

  6. Musicxlover617

    What are you wearing right now?

    Gray Levi's skinny jeans, blue t-shirt, bright green Jockey midway briefs/compression shorts, black socks
  7. Musicxlover617

    What Kind Of Car Do You Drive

    Haha I can't drive yet I'm taking driver's ed next year lol But I really want my sister's car - a Scion TC
  8. Musicxlover617

    How Old Are You?

    Haha I'm 15 I feel so young compared to all of you guys
  9. Musicxlover617

    How Frequently Do You Jack Off

    Usually like 3 times a day, but lately I haven't been feeling all that horny. The most I've gotten is 6 or 7 times a day lol.
  10. I'm loving my new bright green compression shorts lol

    1. manniberlin


      pixx are welcum....

    2. Musicxlover617


      They might be showing up ;)

  11. Spring break is FINALLY here!

  12. Had a couple more nights of fun with a friend ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Musicxlover617
    3. CosmoBoy


      would be damn cool (and hot, I bet) !!

    4. Musicxlover617


      Haha I'm just gonna say that he's really thick ;) Just get that image lol

  13. Musicxlover617

    If You Were In A Famous Band.....

    I'd probably sing lol
  14. Had some fun with a friend this weekend, it was so hot

    1. Guest


      oh? lol

    2. CosmoBoy


      Tell us more, stop the teasing !!

  15. Musicxlover617

    How About...

    I think compression shorts or bbriefs would be better!

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