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  1. dc1992

    A Or B?

    I wish I could have both. But I think Tom Holland, he's got a nice butt that looks good in spandex. Tom Holland or Dylan O'Brien?
  2. dc1992

    Word Association Game

  3. dc1992

    Word Association Game

  4. dc1992

    A Or B?

    Standing up Lycra or cotton underwear?
  5. dc1992

    Word Association Game

  6. dc1992

    What are you wearing right now?

    Adidas Chile pants, black t-shirt, blue patterned Bonds fit trunks.
  7. dc1992

    Word Association Game

  8. dc1992

    A Or B?

    Hard sweaty doggy style ;) Hickey on the neck or hickey on the chest?
  9. dc1992

    A Or B?

    Skim Chocolate or Strawberry milk?
  10. dc1992

    Word Association Game

  11. dc1992

    A Or B?

    Sweetener. Got used to drinking pepsi max and diet coke and don't really like sugar anymore. Coke or Pepsi?
  12. dc1992

    Word Association Game


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