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  1. Looking for a boyfriend or close friend

    tend to conversate with saggers with pix and details in profile. Hmu when you have
  2. jace did u know jncos are coming back

  3. tuesdays vote

    and if you could actually do it this time it would be good. mudd was missing from list.
  4. Odd YouTube viewers

    hmm, thats odd,
  5. Dayum Yo!  you should take and post some freeball saggin pix...

  6. day off

    so what happened?
  7. day off

    Go out and find some mud, get in and get your sag totally covered. or go to mall sagging, take some pix. or jump in a fountain or hose self down get totally soaked and sagg low
  8. IMG_0808[1].JPG

    havin a little trouble making this out. you need to go again and get muddy
  9. Mmmm, dem some hotties! You need to show us your saggs
  10. Lot of peeps who are afraid and hide behind social media. Growing a huge crop of peeps meeting scares piss out of them, Im afraid they will be for ever single.
  11. Any of your peeps stumble on the Sazzerz Hangin Out Topic?? Been chillin wit saggerz from around globe since before saggerworld, been so many now have lost track of how many. Then there is the annual sagger party every June. If you is a hott sagger and want to chill with other saggers.. HMU!
  12. Construction sag

    Dude fixin closet, saggin low
  13. 2 straight guys that are coming out the closet

    I would definitely sag below c**k and azz on date. see if he likes. Drink alcohol before to get warmed up

    Dayum! dat was long
  15. Wet, dirty & other fun

    Vids is soo sexy hott

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