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  1. 20141107 212909028 IOS

    you need to turn on shower, get wet in gear
  2. go out and play init!
  3. Those pics made me nutt, love to see more dude ;)

  4. You need to come visit the USA.  Want to get muddy wit you

    1. jace


      Pix is soo sexxy

  5. Searching for a hotel.

    airbnb.com or VRBO
  6. Female saggers

    so wrong
  7. boxers and boxerbriefs with pockets

    They is sexxy and thought about, but Shipping is more than the undies, so guess not.
  8. wet muddy sagger

    who has seen that vid?
  9. Nah doesn't look like it, when u squeeze them do you get milk? I would keep weight in check and maybe do a gym, lots of dudes with moobs are on the larger side.
  10. Love your pics man... U new ur br r hot AF. 

  11. Are you going on water rides? make sure u is sagging nd get soakin wet
  12. I love your pics :)

  13. Wouldn't take it too serious. I ignore and get ignored. Jus the way it is in the saggerworld. Sometimes Im just not up for chatting. (rare I go into chat room, so cant comment on) There are some needy saggers that are on 24/7 and ambush you evry time you are on sagger sites, many dont' contribute or the pix they have are just internet grabs. tend to ignore them. jus my take onit.
  14. Guys Pissing

    get me turnt up