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  1. need to get you on the list to the next sagger party..
  2. Maxos, U should practice and post some pix
  3. coming soon. The hottie MC is going to post some. He is soooo sexy
  4. turn on the water..
  5. Dayum! u is a serious hottie,,,u get wet?
  6. Yo! You sexxy, nd should jump in shower get sag wet
  7. boy and I got stoned one day decided to go freeball saggin at da mall. jus baggys saggin below azz, long t's and timbs. no boxerz. bunch of times we lifted shirts to show off saggs. we was so hard and horny to get wet when we got back, jumped in the jacuzzi nd nutted.
  8. hmm, tbh, that not really strange, think just about every one has done in car.
  9. sxxy! You cummin to the next sagger party?
  10. go out and play init!
  11. Those pics made me nutt, love to see more dude ;)

  12. want to be in the shower wit you
  13. You gets me worked up.. Serious
  14. You need to come visit the USA.  Want to get muddy wit you

    1. jace


      Pix is soo sexxy

  15. airbnb.com or VRBO