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  1. Luv wet saggers, you should post some pix. would be hott to see
  2. gets me hard thinkin on that
  3. I have come across some 1 in I think germany and one in Colorado.
  4. Looking for someone with graphic arts skills to trick out a new baggysagging website. Anyone in here have that skill set? LMK, Jace
  5. You lookin to pay cash for a dominate sagger? im down
  6. Giving a blow job to a guy is a really "normal" gay sexual act. I would go out on a limb here and say the majority of gay guys are super diverse in their sexual kinks and fetishes. I do not bother with guys that are not into fetishes. Get naked and lets have hot sweaty gay sex, Pretty much a yawn for me. Gotta be sagging to get me going! Wet and Muddy even better. I am gay
  7. Question for straight guys in here. Do you ever get a boner or sexually aroused looking at male saggers or Dutchwetlookguy when you are sucking on the c**k of a hott sagger?
  8. Was chillin wit one of my sagger bros one day. Travelled over to providence ri for the weekend. We had been smokin weed all day. So high and horny. We went out to MCD's to get some eats and the packie for more vodka. We was so wasted, Hard, horny and Saggin low. When we got back to the room had some of the best sagger sex.
  9. idk what it is @Lee249 just happens. Guess throwing a sagger party and meeting lots of sagger peeps helps boost. Plus an HD cam that can record all of the hot action is good. You need to start a UK OP. Lots of hotties there! Precciate all the good words
  10. I hear You, can be dangerous, but gay wooded cruise areas can be good places to find hott saggers. Do it all the time. Found my boy there and other hotties who gets repeats.
  11. jace


    Getting wet, Muddy and messy in sagging baggys gets me hard too
  12. jace


    Sex in sagging baggys, check out discord post, how I like my boys to be when we play
  13. If that pic gets you hard, wonder what the vid would do?
  14. Oh! That my hott little boy. He is almost a virgin. Cept for me
  15. Just tryin to catch up and get with you theswede92💦💦🔥
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