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    French guy in London for a few months, I am always happy to meet new people, saggers especially of course ;)
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    sagging, underwear, music, movies, guys, a bit of 420 sometimes
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  1. Lee Jeans and CK <3

    hot skinny sag
  2. IMG_3542.thumb.JPG.93723d2e77aad993e11f5f4a83d7f407.jpg

    Hot body !!
  3. studs

    No ! Studs can look super manly and hot, necklaces and chains too
  4. Fetishes

    sagging with hi top sneakers
  5. day off

    What ?? You got like 20 answers in 24 hours and so many different ideas... Lazy cow
  6. Smoking

    ... and pure weed joint can blast you, I prefer control a bit how high I become
  7. day off

    Sag outside and take photos of you in the streets
  8. Jacking off to other guys sagging.

    Life, and especially sexual desire, is rarely totally black or white, and every nuance of grey in between is totally fine. Hopefully one day it will look terribly old fashioned to talk about "gay", "straight" or "bi" behaviour and that will be just great ! But waiting for that day to arrive, I always feel a bit sorry/sad about every kind of justification that this or that is not "gay". Whatever makes you hard (and respects others) is fine !
  9. Smoking

    I don't smoke tobacco, so I adapted the questionnaire to weed How old were you when you first started to smoke? - 20 How did you get your first joint ? - I smoked it with my best friend, unforgettable How old are you now? - 36 Are you still a smoker? - Yes, but only weed What brand do you smoke? - I'm not a specialist but I like Thai weed at the moment and I had a lot of fun with White Widow How many joints a day do you smoke? - I don't even smoke every week Boxers or boxer briefs? - Principally boxer briefs
  10. Hot Dutch Youtuber

    The prank is super funny
  11. Who's actually made sagger friends on here?

    Good subject I am interested to know too. Same !
  12. Word Association Game

  13. Word Association Game

  14. Word Association Game

  15. Jeans

    Hot sag

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