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  1. IMG_0811.PNG

    Funny sag !!
  2. 2

    Hot and low !!
  3. IMG_8738.jpg

    super hot
  4. Hot ! Enjoy the sag and the meeting
  5. shooting your spunk

    I have, and i find it normal. It is part of today’s sex life. I guess nobody asked nothing before 1980, but now it’s too risked to imagine that everyone is safe and healthy. Just look at the statistiques... It is awkward and uncomfortable only if you make it so. But if you try to avoid the discussion because it makes you uncomfortable, then it will be awkward guaranteed (and definitely risky).
  6. TGFBro

    So much sags ! And very funny moments
  7. shooting your spunk

    Mmmh maybe, we were specifically talking about swallowing, replying to @secsagger999. Sperm in the mouth and bareback are the two most dangerous behaviours regarding HIV and at highest risk to infect you if your partner is HIV-positive.
  8. shooting your spunk

    and ... IT'S DANGEROUS ! If you don't know their status (not only HIV, but all the other STD) you risk too much I think.
  9. Word Association Game

  10. hot man ! that would make a very hot 18+ story
  11. What are you wearing right now?

    Today I'm wearing black slim jeans with a black pullover, bright red & blue Jack and Jones boxerbrifs, grey Nike high tops and a grey scarf. I'm sagging 3/4 down my a*s so my sag is really flashing
  12. still not a lot of détail, don't you think ?
  13. Amazing and good luck ! But now I think that we want all the feed back from your date

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