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  1. saggernewbie

    Hot sagger in German ad

    = Lowered loading edge ? funny and hot double-sense too, right ?
  2. saggernewbie

    How old are y’all boys

  3. saggernewbie

    Got Circumcised

    I think it's good to do it if your forskin is tight and hurts. Hurting is never good and ruins your sex life. I know a few guys who did it adults too and they said it change everyting !
  4. saggernewbie

    I know it was years ago, but how this situations ended in the end ?
  5. saggernewbie


    Very nice sag
  6. saggernewbie


    That’s so, SO hot !
  7. saggernewbie


    Hot sag !
  8. saggernewbie


    So cool a gif !
  9. saggernewbie

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    shame it's a "prank"
  10. saggernewbie

    Black and white BB with jeans and belt

    Nice sag, very low !!
  11. saggernewbie

    Black and white BB with Jogger pants

    Hot !!
  12. saggernewbie

    Winter BB with Jeans

    Hot sag !
  13. saggernewbie

    Getting more muscular

    AND ... healthy meals, cutting on all added sugars, sweets, sodas etc.
  14. saggernewbie

    Funny / hot boxerbriefs

    Thanks, but I haven’t find it there or online. Nobody has an idea ? With so many underwear fanatics on here ??
  15. saggernewbie


    So hot and tight

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