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  1. saggernewbie

    Favourite brand of jeans for sagging

    They stopped the brand a few years ago 😕
  2. saggernewbie


    Yes, very hot
  3. saggernewbie


    very. very hot pic
  4. saggernewbie


    So low !!
  5. I have a pair that goes down all the time and I wear it without a belt, with holes in the knees, and I feel hot in it so it gets me pretty excited
  6. saggernewbie

    I found this

    He’s very hot !
  7. Last+minute+:+is+anyone+in+Oslo+tonight+or+tomorrow+night,+and+up+for+sagging,+beers+and+what+not+?+Last+minute+I+know,+but+who+knows+?+PM+or+Kik+me+! 

  8. saggernewbie

    Hot sagger in German ad

    = Lowered loading edge ? funny and hot double-sense too, right ?
  9. saggernewbie

    Got Circumcised

    I think it's good to do it if your forskin is tight and hurts. Hurting is never good and ruins your sex life. I know a few guys who did it adults too and they said it change everyting !
  10. saggernewbie

    I know it was years ago, but how this situations ended in the end ?
  11. saggernewbie


    Very nice sag
  12. saggernewbie


    That’s so, SO hot !
  13. saggernewbie


    Hot sag !
  14. saggernewbie


    So cool a gif !

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