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  1. Italian Sagger Ad

  2. Boxers vs. Briefs

    Yeah, they are cool for that. I like the fabric--that it's athletic and kind of shiny.
  3. Underwear for sale

    That's a dope-looking pair of underwear. They look like they'd be nice for smooth sags.
  4. How many sagging sites...

    I peek in BaggySagging, but that's really it. I make some searches for sagging on the internet occasionally to keep up.
  5. Freeball Sagging

    Yeah, the night idea sounds cool. If you'd like to try shirtless, you could also try the beach--one where it's okay to show a little genitals. You could freeball sag your swim gear there.
  6. Hanes BoxerBriefs

    Fruit of the Loom are also great. I go Hanes, though, sometimes, honestly.
  7. Hanes BoxerBriefs

    Hmm…could be.
  8. Boxers vs. Briefs

    Cool. Thank you for the tip. I'll check them out; gotta pick up socks for sure.
  9. Boxers vs. Briefs

    Cool, man. I only really keep up with the AE boxers. But, I think I'd actually pick up a pack of Fruit of the Looms at Kohl's or something when I do get some.
  10. Boxers vs. Briefs

    Yo, what up, man. Boxers are cool as well. It seems you got the phases of undies about the times when I remember them being popular as well. I went with the trends, really, and still wear boxer briefs, mostly. I'm thinking of getting some briefs and boxers some time, though--haven't figured out when.
  11. Hanes BoxerBriefs

    I honestly don't know any of the stuff you asked. I get Hanes like these: They are great to sag in. Really show the curvature of the butt and other genitals and take the sag working down and up well.
  12. Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Yeah. Cool!
  13. Boxers vs. Briefs

    Yeah, similar story here about the briefs to boxers, then boxer briefs in my 20's. I do like the curvature of the butt visible when sagging with boxer briefs. Pants can slide down quicker with them as well, depending on how you like to sag.
  14. Favorite underwear

    Those are…sweet. I wear something like these: They're my favs--comfortable and functional.
  15. Fit of the day

    Yeah, I like it. It's a cool concept.

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