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  1. "Sag Challenge"

    Really cool.
  2. Parkour

    Yeah, that's really cool.
  3. Fetishes

    That sounds really sexual. The cum part is really getting it on.
  4. Boxer briefs blowjobs?

    It's a cool position.
  5. Forgotten Your Belt

    No, man, I ain't forgotten my belt. I usually check out what I'm wearing before heading out. Haven't missed a belt. I've gotten a belt stretch on me, not break. I've had to pull up more or make the belt tighter, maybe improvise an extra hole.
  6. Lowest Sagger Ever

    Aight, aight. It sounds like the crowd is actually into it. Cool, man.
  7. Sideless Shirt

    These are pretty cool. You can see a lot with them. I've never made one nor seen the pre-made in the store. I've never tried one on.
  8. how to get a girl.

    I'm not sure that I follow. I know girls that enjoy my sag. I suggested to the original poster he try to see if he has liking sagging in common with a girl. Girls look, actually.
  9. how to get a girl.

    Hmm, not really, in my experience.
  10. pics now!!!

    Yeah, that's a cool look, man. You got me with that.
  11. Bryce hall & Mikey Barone

  12. how to get a girl.

    I'll keep it to sagging, but you can try sagging around her and see if she notices. You can try things like bending over and making your underwear visible to her. If you see her looking, you might have an "in" to get a convo started, like asking her how's she doing.
  13. working out

    Yeah, that's a nice place to pick up a lot of lay info. They also have some qualified people on there. I highly recommend finding qualified/certified people with whom to work. That way, you can make sure someone's getting paid for their advice/instruction. You may ask how to get in touch with some of those people. I think that site can help with that as well, but you can try asking at your local exercise facilitie(s). (I'm actually qualified/certified and work in the field. You can private message for serious inquiries only, please.)
  14. What are you wearing right now?

    Nice! I'm wearing sweatpants over the usual basketball shorts with a tee. I ain't sagging too much.
  15. Holiday underwear

    Yeah, I can confirm American Eagle pretty well. They restocked their underwear frequently around the holidays a few years ago. I don't know many of the other brands TylerBoxers could be talking about.

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