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  1. Saggerworlds choice

    Hey, really cool.
  2. Saggerworlds choice

    You're doing a great job yourself. Since you asked, I'd like to see the blue and orange ones in the far right of the top pic. They're really cool, but they might be a trick to match.
  3. Saggerworlds choice

    Yeah, man, looking nice. I'm really liking your underwear selection.
  4. tuesdays vote

    Sounds like some cool sagging. Sounds like comfortable sagging. I guess you could take some comfortable pics.
  5. tuesdays vote

    Nice. I agree it's a great feel.
  6. Saggerworlds choice

    Looking great. Any of those could make some great sagging outfits.
  7. Flameboard and I need Spanish help

    I wouldn't know legal Spanish, but terwald's translation makes sense to me.
  8. Saggerworlds choice

    I really like those boxers. You could keep up with those.
  9. Bros: Why do you sag your pants?

    Sagging feels great, gets people interested in your genitals. I sag many levels, but I've been keeping it pretty high in public lately.
  10. Mc biel sagging!

    Yeah, that's a turn-on.
  11. Mc biel sagging!

    Yeah, he's a handsome guy--cool that he sags.
  12. Sagging with my Boyfriend

    Really nice album full of awesome sags!
  13. Get together tonight

    Hey, it's cool you get out with friends. Get togethers are cool. I used to go out and sag with my friends.
  14. Geko

    I've been following this kid for awhile. I think he's cool af. He sags sometimes. Here's a video with him sagging: He's been around awhile--was cool then:
  15. Help me sagging lower

    Big hoodies are cool. Long tees peeking out underneath and still covering the underwear can look great.

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