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  1. Working out/bulge/sagging 🔥🔥🔥

    Lookin dope wit your workout. I sag sometimes with my workout. Don't know how much bulge I get, though.
  2. Boner sagging - help

    Yo, that's a cool part of sagging, but I know it can be something you want to be more private. Like you mentioned, pulling them up, maybe with a belt, can tuck the boner in from view. Boxerbriefs don't show the boner as much, like in your pic (don't pitch a tent). You could try longer shirts (maybe carry one if you think you're going to bone up), but they don't show off the sag as much, maybe as you like. As you described, you kinda gotta live with the boner and sag, or cover up if you're too shy to show your excitement.
  3. Rodrigo Olivares

    Yeah, he's been up here before. I found his channel through this site. Pretty entertaining.
  4. How old are y’all boys

    Yeah, man. Repressing the sag can be tough.
  5. How old are y’all boys

    Dope, man. Sounds like cool gear.
  6. How old are y’all boys

    I hear ya. I'm about that old, but don't have those kinds of responsibilities. I get to sag it up.
  7. DagelijksHaaDee

    Hmm…I think it is called sagging. Sagging is cool. Cool to see guys sagging on YouTube as well.
  8. Jacking off to other guys sagging.

    That's cool, man.
  9. Today's snapback

    Yeah, that's what I see.
  10. Today's snapback

    Oh, I see.
  11. Today's snapback

    Yeah, could prolly get money for them. What size are you? I'm 7 1/4-7 3/4.
  12. Jukka Dudeson

    That's a major sag!
  13. Today's snapback

    Yeah, they've been pretty popular in the States since the mid- to late-2000's. They were supposed to phase out fitted hats. They're actually older than that, of course, but that's about when they got the catchy tagline. I think they're pretty cool overall these days, though I think fitted hats are more finished and completed designs.
  14. Today's snapback

    It's dope if you can keep a sticker on. I guess the Heat hat is out, then.
  15. Best video yet!

    Dope. Nice underwear.

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