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  1. London

  2. hot Geneva tram sagger

    nice caption
  3. Outside

    spring on the way
  4. New boxerbriefs

  5. great to see you back!

  6. I love your new pics, dude!!

  7. What Types Of Areas Do You Live In?

    in a city of 300 000, double in the met area, in western part of France
  8. Who Is What Size?

    depends of the brand... 9 or 9.1/2 (43 or 44 for europeans )
  9. Getting Wet

    awesome vid
  10. salut la Dordogne, ici Nantes, j'ai pas plus près ;)

  11. des français par ici?

  12. Ss6

    really inviting...
  13. Anybody into Cars?

    @ Rusty: what do you mean by 'euro-spec' ? I'ld like to get this one though
  14. t es ou en france bogosse? ;)


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