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  1. Congrats, your my Sagger of The Week!

  2. Always down for a Skype session ;) tiefsagger

  3. Always down for a Skype session ;) tiefsagger

  4. I really liked your new pics!

  5. Love your new pics :)

  6. Very hot album, really good :)

  7. Your new album is so good!

  8. If u want to add me, I like to sag in cam : tiefsagger
  9. Your new album is really great!

  10. Great new album dude!

  11. OMG!! u deffinetly have some of my fav pics on the site!! u r so hot man! great sag, cool boxers, and perfect shots! :D keep posting more! greetings from Mexico

  12. That's a really good new album! :)

  13. I loved your new album!


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