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    sagger boy who loves to sag skinny jeans.
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    tennis, frisbee, riding my bike, baking, playing clarinet, swimming, camping, and planting trees.
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  1. Your albums are brilliant! I really love how hot you are in those beige Levi's. They really suit you, mate!

  2. image

    very hot.
  3. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!

    It's a pretty awesome show, Cranco!!! :-)
  4. Best Skinny Jeans

    I love Levi's skinny jeans and they are the only jeans I sag, pretty much. They fit well and pull down easily...some of them even fall down as I sit or walk around. I usually buy a size or two up, and still get a great tight fit on the legs with a looser waist which is perfect for sagging. :-)
  5. Leather Saggin

  6. Tight black Levi's

  7. gray and blue (mix album)

    light gray and blue 510s
  8. Andrew Christian black undies Sag

    Sagging at home on the deck.
  9. Sagger boys in Atlanta?

  10. Medium Gray Levis and DCs

    Sagging in the yard.
  11. Frist AE sag pix!!! :-)

    My first set of pix in AE jeans.
  12. See how I sag

    Hot sagging in new jeans!
  13. Thank you for the message. Your pix are nice too. :)

  14. You're welcome, beyouz! :)


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