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  1. Really loved your new album!

  2. Love the new album mate, well sexy sagging xx

  3. Thanks for your comments and the nice chat so far! ;)

  4. Well finally the stupid US begin to understand which time we're living in.
  5. Hi! Thanks for your comments! Second favourite sagger of all time? :o What a compliment! Well, I do think quite similar. ;) Why did we lose contact? I remember that we swapped our MSN addresses and sent some e-mails. We should resume that. However, I think I've never seen you on MSN. ;)

  6. Great profile pic with your drop-crotch jeans here. Did you buy them in the end? ;)

  7. You're very welcome! :)

  8. Thanks for your cmt! Your pics are very enjoyable too :)

  9. great pics :)) love ur style

  10. Thanks for all your comments! :)

  11. Definitely enjoyed your new CK album!

  12. Great hot sags there Mr! Like your style! :)

  13. Liking ure new album mr! Some damn hot pics!

  14. Liking your pictures dude!

    Can I have your Age/Sex/Location please? :D