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  1. That is an absolutely fantastic picture!
  2. Odd, I've only ever seen versions of them as Hallowe'en costumes! Wearing them as actual clothing is ridiculous!
  3. I'm not remotely touchy-feely, so I'd never do it personally, but there is one guy who does a lot of touching whom I've started to touch back as a defense. Worked pretty effectively I must say, he's stopped!
  4. Firefox. I've used Opera and like it, but I can't live without Vimperator (Pentadactyl as they now call it) anymore. Currently using a Slackware-based Linux distro Zenwalk, will probably switch to Arch in a few weeks when I get a chance. Don't use XFCE though, DWM all the way!
  5. You let your cum fly Lee? I'm more contained, always einto either a tissue, condom or something else for me.
  6. Same, otherwise, I curse a bit, but not an awful lot, or otherwise it loses its value!
  7. Well, it's 12 degrees C here at the moment, so I can sag perfectly normally!! However, when it's cold, I generally use my sweat-pants as boxers/long-johns and just sag away over them.
  8. I've always wanted to F**** someone else's shoes, haven't gotten the chance yet though. While my absolute favourite is to simply wear them loose with sports socks, or F**** similarily attired, that's also the only time I'm partial to wetness. I love getting an old pair of sweats (grey or white's the best), sag them as low as possible so I'm walking on the ends, and go walking in the rain. Then, staying in those clothes, being relieved. One friend let me F**** him like that, which is like the fulfillment of all my fantasies!
  9. I've found recently that it depends how horny I am. Sometimes I don't care who sees my boners, othertimes, I feel I should be decent and cover it up.
  10. You've got to be kidding me! People actually post that sort of crap online?!
  11. I'm sure there's a gay society in the college? There was where I was and that was Ireland too!
  12. No, but I'm going to very soon, this evening hopefully, but maybe later. I feel like some cartoon boxers, or really colourful ones anyway, especially after seeing a lovely sag today. Was black trackies with red lines down both sides, and yellow and blue and a few other colours (orange I think, I couldn't stare unfortunately), so if I spot anything like that, I'm getting them!
  13. One thing I don't want to try is stuff going up my arse. ******* a sagger grand, being fucked is a different story.
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