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  1. Sideless Shirt

    Not fully sideless but this guy is super cute
  2. Sideless Shirt

    Extreme sideless lol
  3. Sideless Shirt

    Awesome Pabstman, please do take some pics and share with us :-)
  4. Sideless Shirt

    I agree mxtt2 u have a fucken hot body which would look awesome in a sideless shirt. Cut one urself and give it a try haha
  5. Sideless Shirt

  6. Freeball Sagging

    Lol, no. I wish it was me but unfortunately not
  7. Freeball Sagging

    Here's some insipiration haha
  8. Freeball Sagging

    Yeah give it a go, feels super hot. Try it at night first - walk to the corner shop or around the block or something and keep letting ur pants sag a bit lower every now and then. Ideally u should get to the point where all your pubes are on show and some of ur c*ock shaft. If you let it get to the point where the head of ur c*ock is showing then u have gone a little to far lol. Ideally do it shirtless
  9. No Clothes

    Yeah i love being nude at home. I esp get a thrill going outside in the bakyard to get something nude. If i need to put the trash out the front i slip some skimpy shorts on and whip em off as soon as i get back inside but if its after dark i dont give a fcuk and just go out the front to the bins nude and risk it. One night i noticed my neighbour sitting on his front porch having a smoke and he just smiled at me and said nothing. My c**k sprang up in a few seconds but fortunately i was out of view before it got fully erect. I came back inside and batted off to some good po*n
  10. Sideless Shirt

    This young hotty from Sydney, Australia has being making an appearance on Instagram recently. You can check out his full range of pictures here:
  11. some free ballin

    Yup totally agree!
  12. Fetishes

    Sideless shirts, freeball sagging, swearing and fucken loud music :-P
  13. What do you sleep in at night?

    Yeah i sleep completely fucken nude and then when i get up in the morning, usually with a raging hardon, i put on a skimpy backless jockstrap and go have breakfast. Bare arse on the chair feels nice
  14. Sideless Shirt

    Yeah, they are getting pretty popular in Australia in summer now. I see a couple every day generally
  15. Sideless Shirt

    I think we've seen this guy before but here is another view of him

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