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  1. Trading underwear?

    Me too!
  2. Anyone in Melbourne wanna hang out and sag? I'm here till Friday noon

  3. Come on guys, are saggers from Holland really that shy, that they write enthusiastically they wanna meet, but then never follow up? 😂 I'm on my way to Maastricht, at least meet me in Schiphol before I take the train 😜



    1. manniberlin


      Great sag anyway

    2. Dillon


      come to 'da Florida bro

  4. Lil Danno

    Wow, just wow!
  5. Black skinny ripped jeans

    what cannot be seen is that cars were driving by constantly, while I was walkin on the side of the road and takin pics, liftin my shirt, bendin over and showing off
  6. I'm in Maastricht on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd October, anyone wanna meet and sag? 🤘😎








  7. Again on my way to Berlin for work, going to hang out with one of the hottest saggers from this site! anyone else wanna meet too before I head home Thursday? :P


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. canttell


      You go to Berlin often?  I'm going to be there in about a month...

    3. udnytmig18


      Nope, this is probably my last time in a while!

    4. manniberlin


      Pity  i am Not in Town 

  8. Help me sagging lower

    yeah, I can really double the long tee suggestion! u can also experiment with colours, for example use underwear in the same or similar colour as your jeans - that way your sag will not draw as much attention and then you can actually work with your confidence and push urself a bit to reveal more and more of ur sag finally: u are Danish, I am Danish - let me help you sag lower! where in Denmark are you? pm me
  9. Anyone in Berlin wanting to meet right now tonight? :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. scandi


      4 minutes ago, saggernewbie said:

      Wish I was in Berlin :) 

      me too!

    3. manniberlin


      Have a good time in Berlin. Guess I read this too late. 

    4. KielSagger


      I read this too late. Enjoy Berlin :D

  10. hey bro, i might be comin to melbourne again in august, let me know if u wanna hangout and do some saggin

  11. hey bro, like ur pics! im goin to NYC, Toronto and Montreal 7th - 10th May, let me know if u wanna hang out and sag

  12. hey bro, im goin to montreal on May 9th/10th, let me know if u wanna hang out and sag

  13. hey bro, im goin to montreal 9th/10th May, let me know if u wanna hang out and sag

  14. hey bro, im goin to Toronto on 8th/9th May, u wanna hang out and sag?

    1. deb171992


      yes I would like to hang out and sag!

    2. udnytmig18


      cool! im arriving in Pearson airport at 8pm tomorrow and my hotel is in Oakville

      unfortunately im flying out Tuesday already, so I can only meet tomorrow evening (Monday), let me know what u think bro

    3. deb171992


      I won't be able to sorry

  15. hey bro, lækkert sag i dine humör pants der! ;b

    1. peterandersen


      Tak for det ! hvad har du på idag ?

    2. udnytmig18


      saggede et par slim levis 510, men har skiftet til adidas nu ;) dig?

      hvor gammel er du? og hvor i landet er du?


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