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Lose Control

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  1. I have tarted this new topic just beause I'm curious. What do you all straight guys get from posting Pictures and videos here? It's a simple as that. The questio came up after a fun discussion with a guy here. And the reason I ask you all is because he couldn't really give me an answer. What goes around in my mind is why straight guys post Pictures of thirs asses, sometimes even videoes of them selves wanking, on a site where there is mainly gaymemebers and as far as I know not any Girls? I hope I don't sound offensive, i love you guys beeing here, you have such great saggs many of you. But just as a friend I'm asking you. I am just curious?!
  2. Very Happy Birthday mr!! Hope you had a amazing day! Should of been born one day later and would be same as me! lol

  3. I deffo agree! Perfection!
  4. Wow! This must be your hottest sag. Realt hot! Keep on saggin in those jeans and post some more pics! =)
  5. And I love your sag! ;) Comment my pics too mate! ;)

  6. Yey! Like your pics alot! Great sag, one of the topsags in here i think! Comment mine to if you like.

    So, how are you?

  7. Hey Mate! How are you! Love your new pics. =)

    Have you checked those jeans out yet? ;)

  8. It sure depends on the jeans! Haha. Check it out! ;) But yeh! Would be awsome cool to have something from you. Or ever better... With you still sagging in them. ;)

  9. It sure depends on the size!! Haha. But check out the model name! ;)

  10. Thanx for the link! I will check it out! But do you know the nema of your jeans. Want to check them out. Liked them alot! ;) Can't find them!?

  11. Oh! like 150 pair of boxers then. Crazy!

    Okey, Does that jeansstore got a webpage maybe. Realy liked them. Expensive?

    Sure i did. Youre one of the best saggers ever mate! ;)

  12. I have fixed it now, Check it out! A lot of sneakpeak just for you! ;)