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  1. heyy im in australia, are you on insta? mine is @worldsagger
    would be cool to meet
  2. hey bro, im finally goin to Australia, u wanna hang out in Melbourne? :P would be nice to meet up with another sagger!

  3. new album's up: 'Summer sags' :)

    1. CaptainPanther


      I looked, some stunning sags mate

    2. dirrtydogg


      Thanks Captain! :)

  4. What is the reason to be monogamous? It is just a social construct. Cheating as you put it, has been blown out of proportion to be seen as the worst possible thing to happen in a relationship. I don't believe people are monogamous by nature. In relationships some people to just want to conform to an ideal standard set by ...I dunno, society, the nuclear family unit, soap operas etc... but the reailty is much different. Desiring other people when in a relationship is normal because it is in our nature to seek unfamiliarity in order to challenge ourselves and grow from a new experience. Sex outs
  5. yeah - guys of all races. Attraction for me isn't about the race
  6. That's Hot Aussie Sagger! He's a sexy beast.
  7. You think I'm serious???!! really???
  8. Only one way to find out. Put your knob in his mouth and see how he reacts!
  9. don't forget he was a bit of a cutie too
  10. comfortable in 28-30... Pretty slim round the hips here
  11. I get a banner ad for 'hot Asian chicks'?? My computer doesn't know me at all :)

  12. No way!?! I wasn't even trying haha :-P Her songs are usually written by professional songwriters though, so to say she's a singer-songwriter is a stretch mate.
  13. Liza Minnelli is not a songwriter. It could possibly be Madonna, but I doubt it....
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