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  1. Abs!

    Sit ups everyday
  2. how tall are you?

    What the heck you guys are all kinda small :/ xD   194cm
  3. Meeep

    From the album Random Pics

  4. IMG 20130919 WA0008

    From the album Random Pics

  5. :P just a little pic ^^

    From the album Random Pics

    Nothing special ;O

    © Combi

  6. 15 wouldn't mind if it happens sometimes before but till 15 I would always remind him to pull up in my view at young age theY should face other interest as clothing...
  7. Boxers Tight Or Loose

    i wear both... at the moment more loose
  8. Tatt's, Piercings Or Both?

    i am Not so much into tatts or pircings so Got Non
  9. Summer :)

    From the album 2013 Summer

    Summer wear

    © Combi

  10. Windows 8

    w7 , windows 8 is a bunch of ****....
  11. 20.01 pic 1

    From the album Random Pics

    Tried out some double sagging
  12. 20.01 Pic

    From the album Random Pics

    Tried out some Double..^^
  13. Jack & Jones

    From the album Jack & Jones