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  1. Abs!

    Sit ups everyday
  2. how tall are you?

    What the heck you guys are all kinda small :/ xD 194cm
  3. Random Pics

    Random pics, taken from time to time
  4. 15 wouldn't mind if it happens sometimes before but till 15 I would always remind him to pull up in my view at young age theY should face other interest as clothing...
  5. Boxers Tight Or Loose

    i wear both... at the moment more loose
  6. Tatt's, Piercings Or Both?

    i am Not so much into tatts or pircings so Got Non
  7. 2013 Summer

  8. Windows 8

    w7 , windows 8 is a bunch of ****....
  9. Jack & Jones

    Just did a Picutre and first i didn`t recognize that the name is so clearly showing it was just a fun pic^^
  10. Summer2012

  11. Age, Weight, And Height

    lala nineteen years old(19) 72Kg (normal system used here in germayn for the weight ) 195 cm(1.95 m) tall/high
  12. hello..I missed you on chat

  13. Test Topic (sql Issues)

    probably some lags server or client side, they could cause those errors By the way here is the error An error occured with the SQL server: mySQL query error: SELECT COUNT(*) as topicviews FROM topic_views WHERE views_tid=2332 This is not a problem with IP.Board but rather with your SQL server. Please contact your host and copy the message shown above. XD my internet just failed and postet 3 times i am sorry ^^

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