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    Hi guys, this guy is a 19 year old French YouTuber:- Mainly at 3:00 Screenshots:-
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    A few days ago, I created a YouTube channel for sagging, I invite you all to take a look! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47ZfqD-B4Q1XJWYWkPmasA?view_as=subscriber
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    Sweltering day at the office. Just had a nice cold shower and thought why not post a pic or two.... 😊😉
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    Well i'm currently wearing a white longline t-shirt, grey skinnies (with belt) red Cks and a pair of white ankle socks sagging below ass. Super horny tonight guys 👌😉
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    Getting wet with Another guy is great
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    Go check out my new instagram account : sagger_fmdt I'll post my sagging pics regularly !
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    Yeah, especially if you're sagging really low, so all I have to do is grab two handsful of whatever you're wearing . . . and tug. You have me thinking all kinds of exciting thoughts, what I'd do with various kinds of underwear . . . so, what are you most likely to be wearing? (If you were wearing a thong, and the waistband was accessible, I probably would give you the wedgie of your lifetime. Happily - maybe for both of us(?).
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    You're probably bisexual but mostly straight.
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    Yeah i would almost do anything for a bottom boyfriend into sagging mad low and other kinky stuff
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    Yea I jus recently went to Walmart and saw the back to school underwear sale all full of boxer briefs ion very strange cuz in the early 2000s boxers were the thing to wear aswell as the novelty kind that had cartoons on them , but I have seen guys sagging boxer briefs way more then boxers. it’s so rare Now I barely see a plaids boxers wearer unless he’s like really old lol me personally I find boxer briefs to be more comfortable while sagging ,they don’t bunch up like plaids boxers if u sag , you will have a less chance of someone commenting rudely if you sagg them than boxers girls and guys find them more attractive and they shape a guys ass so perfectly not to forget there design and patterns .
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    I have a pair of leather low rise skinny pants that shows 6 inches of my underwear and the pants are so tight it shows the outline of my package
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    yeah and also i want to be told what to wear too
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    New album, if you're into Calvins, Skinnies and socks keep an eye out
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    Yeah, I'm kinda like this. I have a lotta pants and jeans I like getting familiar with.
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    Yeah, definitely. I'm liking briefs after not having worn them in many years. I guess, on the topic of sagging, it's easier to show skin with briefs while you're sagging, since they're so short. Looks different and kinda neat.
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    I love to get wet while sagging. Especially with white boxer briefs under
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    I tricked this dork kid into giving me long hard wedgies and we do a wedgie war where we fight to give each other fat Wedgies
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    You can see a small sag when this guy is being handcuffed at 00:46 and 00:59-01.20 but as the guy is being searched, his pants are sagging lower and lower to arrive completly below butt at 01:28-01:33, 01:39-01:50, 02:01 and 02:09-02:16. Low sag at 01:24-01:28 Hot low sag at 01:06-01:14 and 01:58-02:00: Shirtless sag (too bad the sag is not that low) at 01:20 - 01:48:
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    For me it’s not a particular pair it’s something different, new or that I haven’t worn for a while, I like the change makes me feel good.

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