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    sagging throughout
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    Another one:
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    Sagging throughout but best part @ 1:15
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    I bumped into some videos that I share with you; these two guys sag in almost all the video they uploaded. They automatically star when sagging begins, but the whole video is interesting. Have a nice watch! 😜
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    Not weird to go through the motions at all because everyone has their ups and downs mate - ask my manager!! The amount of bullS*** she's had from me recently, i'm surprised i haven't put a spanner in the works. Get this... Friday was a difficult day and things haven't been going too well for me lately (if you get my drift) anyways, an exhausted me texted her about my stress levels, health issues etc. I proper turned inwards as i've been known to get down on myself. You know what she said & i quote "You are a vital part of my team, please stop undervaluing yourself Lee. Your efforts are always much appreciated" That's all it takes. A nice gesture or good deed to change someones emotional state and bring them back from the brink of despair. Even the smallest of things can help your mindset. Her support has been incredible. It's been tough at times tbh with you, but her & others keep all that negativity from rearing it's ugly head. It cheered me up. Lee
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    Bummer on this one, but you're right: one day it WILL happen. Keep on hoping, looking . . . and sagging.
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    What would you guys think of me returning to this website and putting some fresh new albums up here for you people? 🤔
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    Bought a pair of extreme dark grey ripped skinnies and wore them around town sagging half-ass. Loved it! Bbs could be viewed from either the rear or the front through rips. Got me horny hehe 😊
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    every Sunday around 10:30pm to 11:00pm I get this 15-18 year old kid that orders a XL pizza and a order of 16 chicken wings and a 2 litter of Coke. every time he comes to the door he is in a t-shirt and boxer shorts
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    Just tried it on my Samsung Note 9, it has a seperate save button and saved a copy. If you have an Android phone there' s afree version of photoshop in the store you can try that doesn't do what the one that comes with your phone does.
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    LOADS of time to meet your Mr Right. Enjoy life, do crazy things, experiment, rebel, have fun. Just don't get tied down too early!
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    @saggerboyzach stay finding all the good ish. :D
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    Hey man! I used to have a sagging page on youtube that I've brought back. Here's a link to my vids
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    Have to say my favourites are my cloud bbs from sly and my diesel stripes
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    Hey, I made a new video some weeks ago. I realized, that I had not posted it here, yet:
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    That sag guys is DOPE. I could literally just watch him all day like this admiring his sexy bod at the same time! Cutie 😍😍😍
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    Some of my favorites
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    Hey, I made a new sagging video, my second one. So, if you have any feedback or recommendations, I would be very thankful.
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    Have a look at 0:36 and 0:47
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    He is sagging quite low in all the videos, in the 4th video it's very obvious, especially at 4:08 Just look closely, I'm sure you'll see it Also in this one you can see he's sagging low at 2:04

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