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    I normally do it before I sleep and right after I wakey up and usually I wake up with my hands stuffed inside the front of my boxers aha I also 99% of the time sleep and sag too
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    I’m the type of gay man that really enjoys sagging when I can. I feel like it’s becoming more part of my expression of sexuality. I enjoy getting my sag wet as well. Recently, I celebrated my coming out gay anniversary with a wet sag in the shower. My hope is to find a boyfriend who would either sag with me or enjoy watching me sag. I can imagine coming home after being out all day and letting my pants sag. Then as soon as I see my boyfriend, we would start kissing while sagging and on some days, hit the shower in our sag. If only I could find a boyfriend who’s into sagging and getting wet in clothes. The feeling is awesome!
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    Hey, man. I've heard of this. Best wishes!
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    hey! I think I should come back here! been lost from this site for so long!
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    From the album: Sagging SLY Jeans Boxers with Addidas Trackies

    My long leg boxers OMG!! How long they are though :P
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    I wouldn't mind jerking someone off this evening actually. Who on here wants a hand job??? It'd be completely above board with no oral involved. I don't have issues with that, it's getting my lips around a head. I'm selective in who'm i suck off
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    From the album: 2017/04

    Complete collection
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    I love to get wet too! Would like someone to join me

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