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  1. TheOther1

    young saggers

    Well they would be 18 so no reason they can't.
  2. TheOther1

    Guess what time it is???!!!!!

    Much appreciated @Sagonmyface thank you. Last year the site adverts only covered just over 50% of the running costs of the site so any donations are highly appreciated! Its one of those things where if say like 50 members donated even 1 euro a month we would be much better off and able to cover the costs.
  3. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Good ideas, I has thought about the trivia one myself as it produces alot of output... If I've done it right it should now only work in the trivia room and not the sagging or general chat. Will need to come up with some guidelines
  4. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Good to know, I only put it on my phone a few days ago but have been on daily so didn't know it logged you out. Thanks. If you have any suggestions... Let me know.
  5. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Yup, but my point was I'm not sure if receiving an email and clicking a link would be any slower than 2FA. Staying logged in is far easier ...
  6. TheOther1

    What's your preferred body size

    Need pic examples of each lol
  7. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    From the Discord site.. "Once you’ve verified your account, we will require that you confirm via email any log-in attempts from different IP’s than you actually use." So you will be fine to login at home as typically your IP address will not change (it might in certain circumstances and this will vary between different Internet providers). But if you're out of the house and just using your mobile data then yes it should send you an email to confirm some stranger isn't trying to aceess the account. I think the only thing to do is just stay logged in and don't log out. This is what I do and its fine. Edit: seems like if you enable 2 factor authentication they don't do this IP checking.. But I'm not sure where you get the authentication code from, so it's probably just as a nuisance as verifying via email.
  8. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Discord is pretty simple to use though more complicated than the previous things we have used due to its added functionality. But it's a great chat platform and if people want to do video calls or send pics then they can do that as well.
  9. TheOther1

    Should my cousin have an account on here?

    Sounds like he doesn't even want to sag..? Though this whole thing of "teaching" people to sag and give him advice on how low is just stupid imo... its a style and a preference, you can't tell somehow how they should wear their clothes...
  10. TheOther1

    Saggerworld calendar

    Nope, not this new.
  11. TheOther1

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    I don't understand most fetishes, including the ones people like on here. Mud Sniffing dirty socks etc. It's like the normal human requirements of wanting to be clean just go in reverse so you get muddy and wear old smelly clothing or sniff them. But most fetishes I suppose are not understood by those who don't like it. Wearing diapers and dressing like a baby is also another Wtf.
  12. TheOther1

    Tumblr to ban all "Pornographic" material

    That sounds like a huge change when there's millions of pics on there with nudity.
  13. TheOther1

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    if you dont talk to non-saggers surely your pretty limited lol..... Likewise though my best mate ( @flameboard) is a sagger obviously ... but god i'd have killed himself if all he talked about was that lol...
  14. TheOther1

    "Borrowing" Roommate's Boxers

    Wear them for a bit then give back I say. I was round my mates once, he went to take a shower so I thought I'd take the opportunity to go into his room and try find some boxers, he was a pretty hot sagger (but he wouldn't like talk about it, he just did it... As do many straight guys) It was the first time I had been to his house and had no idea where his boxers were.. While I'm looking all of a sudden he walks into the room naked as he's forgot something to take to the bathroom! I said something stupid like I was trying to get the cat back into the other room haha. Unfortunately I kind of looked away when he walked in, as much as I'd have loved to stare 😛 so never really saw anything
  15. TheOther1

    Jerkin is back!

  16. TheOther1

    Sagger of the month

    Nope... just not enough time for Flamey to do it. We were planning to do it together last weekend but didn't get round to it.
  17. TheOther1

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    My lounging at home shorts have been replaced by sweatpants and likewise so has my running gear. Chilly!
  18. TheOther1

    Hey guys

    Think that was for the old banner but there has been one or two before.
  19. TheOther1

    Hey guys

    Not a clue tbh lol. Maybe @flameboard does. Next time he puts one of these together we need to make a thread about it to identify who everyone is
  20. I don't understand how people remember this unless it was only like a year ago lol
  21. He asked to be deleted so probably not
  22. You can always add annoying people to ignore list also..
  23. I told @FBIAgentSaggbboo to stop using this account and to use his normal one. He can't post on this one anyway. And yes numerous people have moaned about the account...

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