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  1. Double sagging jockstrap and boxer briefs









    1. ElCarnicero


      A hot chub!!

  2. You from uk 

  3. Anybody here like to sag in jockstraps or thongs? If so hmu. 

  4. Still looking for guys to chat with n maybe more. I'm into commando sagging n other fetishes. You can message me here or on kik

    1. ElCarnicero


      One can't really do commando sagging in public. Well, maybe in St Tropez, hehehe!

  5. Looking for an online sagging buddy to swap underwear and sag for each other. Also interested in sending you underwear ?.. Message me here or kik me. Would prefer a chubbyish guy. Hoping fot something that turns into a friendship.

  6. Looking for a sagger to chat with text me at 3362761954

  7. Looking for a sagger buddy to chat with message me on here or kik at delma200

  8. It has been a while guys!

  9. Hey guys im looking for some sagger friends who r around 17 my kik is delma200 if interested

  10. Hey Im looking for a loving caring faithful boyfriend if interested let me know

    1. bendover


      in box me, i'll try and help

  11. Hey I'm 16 Male I'm looking for a boyfriend you can message me on here or kik me at delma200 hope to hear from u soon age doesnt really matter and looks dont ether so like talk to me :)

    1. Colourboy


      Have you got Skype? :)

    2. dep11


      yes delmachurch1

  12. hey im looking for a sagger whos kinky and into painful fetish type stuff

  13. hey im looking for a sagger around my age to talk to

    1. Fetish4Breifs


      I'm 16! Send me a message!

  14. i miss my bf :

    1. Guest


      Send him a message or call him or do something =p There is Always a way of connecting to people =)

    2. Rekhel


      I don't know why you miss him, but I understand what you feel...I lived 500KM away from mine for 2 years...seeing him not often (best we had was 1 time per month during the second year)...

    3. dep11


      thanks guys

  15. im looking for saggers who r into low sagging and or freeball sagging

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