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  1. Looking for a sagger to chat with text me at 3362761954

  2. Looking for a sagger buddy to chat with message me on here or kik at delma200

  3. It has been a while guys!

  4. Hey guys im looking for some sagger friends who r around 17 my kik is delma200 if interested

  5. Hey Im looking for a loving caring faithful boyfriend if interested let me know

    1. bendover


      in box me, i'll try and help

  6. Hey I'm 16 Male I'm looking for a boyfriend you can message me on here or kik me at delma200 hope to hear from u soon age doesnt really matter and looks dont ether so like talk to me :)

    1. Colourboy


      Have you got Skype? :)

    2. dep11


      yes delmachurch1

  7. hey im looking for a sagger whos kinky and into painful fetish type stuff

  8. hey im looking for a sagger around my age to talk to

    1. Fetish4Breifs


      I'm 16! Send me a message!

  9. i miss my bf :

    1. Guest


      Send him a message or call him or do something =p There is Always a way of connecting to people =)

    2. Rekhel


      I don't know why you miss him, but I understand what you feel...I lived 500KM away from mine for 2 years...seeing him not often (best we had was 1 time per month during the second year)...

    3. dep11
  10. im looking for saggers who r into low sagging and or freeball sagging

  11. Any suggestions on what i should wear in my next set of pics?

    1. Guest


      How about some colourful underwear or an outfit of contrasting colours? :)

    2. dep11
  12. This is stupid to say the least i am gay and frankly it is because i can not stand women or the way they are at times the fact of having to live with one forever makes me crazy and i can say that it is a chose but some people say that it is not a chose and i wonder whether it is or not because almost all of my fathers kids are gay so you can take that in your own way but i dont think it is a madder of us all choosing to be gay.
  13. dep11


  14. dep11

    Obama Supports Gay Marriage

    thank god he does no one else in are state likes it so F**** NC well i guess I'm saying F**** me but still
  15. i want to see some one freeballing


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