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  1. apollo


    Nice one!! Great CKs
  2. Contrasts make us multidimensional. Really insightful thread here! Cool to get to know you guys better. Besides sagging... I'm a social science geek and like to paint/draw, just to name a few.
  3. apollo

    The Ruggeds - Sjoerd Poldermans

    Thanks for the vid, nice glimpses.
  4. thanks for the friend add bruv. awesome profile pic too ;-)

  5. apollo

    Tyler's Sagging Videos

    These are all are excellent. Love your under the butt sag. Thank you kindly
  6. apollo

    Argument About Sagging And Sexuality

    The fact that the height at which one's pants are worn is legally regulated in the US is kinda embarrassing for my country- so to clear things up!: the limited smattering of counties in which sagging is illegal are, to my knowledge, exclusively located in the deeper necks of the south. The southeastern US is, as you may know, the most conservative region in the union! The existence of said laws in the South are equally anecdotal to some of us as is it to you guys outside the US!... I swear we're not all insane and you don't have to worry about any further prohibition of it- those laws surfaced a few years ago, "trended" for a while, then fell out of mind and media alike.... claiming no significant victims along the way. - Anyway, on topic input: Personally, I think some of the sexual allure of the sag is partly due to its asexual nature- So nonchalantly adorned by guys of all sorts... sometimes the overt sexuality of it makes me surprised sagging is even a thing! But that's just my personal attachment, and it's evident that lots of people regard it in a very commonplace, non-sexual way!

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