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  1. Went to Walmart yesterday sagging below butt with underwear showing. Dark grey t,, light blue boxers with martini glass designs, tan dickie shorts. and rick and morty hat with a 3d bill. 

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    2. SaggersRhot


      Any pics?

    3. wxsaggerNick
    4. wxsaggerNick


      that's the best i can do to let you sse what i wore last monday. my computer keeps grabbing the wrong picture for the back view. 

  2. Sagging skinny jeans below butt with pink and white striped shirt and blue and white striped boxers while working from home. sitting on just boxers will ALWAYS be dope!

    1. ElCarnicero


      No photos?

    2. wxsaggerNick


      no. sorry. 

  3. f uckin hot n igga. abs f uck yeah. sag hell yeah.
  4. I've been on instagam and flickr more lately anyway. nothing against saggerworld, I just only have so much time to check a limited amount of websites and/or social media


  5. Update on life: My wife will be induced into labor early Monday morning. Baby is just under 5 pounds, but has a lot of fluid surrounding him. They want to get him out. So, I won't be checking saggerworld much the next 3 months (while my wife is on maternity leave). 

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    2. jonquestor


      Wishing you, wife, and baby the best. Enjoy the time. 

    3. Andrew_Smiley94


      Best wishes on your baby and your wife! Have a good life.

  6. It was cold and rainy on Saturday. Sunny and comfortably cool on Sunday. Today, it's sunny and warmer, in the 70s (F)
  7. because his belt is not quite below his c-ck. still hot af tho!
  8. Back in the day Mac Miller sag and Bieber sag/abs still gets me going. Anyone else agree?

  9. mm. sexy sag while performing. he's sagging nearly below ass. hot af.
  10. Right now - I'm wearing dark blue pants sagging mega low (below junk and ass). Dark blue and dark red striped boxers. Peach tshirt. California Republic grey and blue flatbill hat.
  11. I haven't been on much. Just wanted to let you guys know that my wife is expecting a baby! Our first. It's going to be a boy with the name Matthew Jacob. Due date March 13th.

    1. bs27


      Congratulations y’all!

    2. ElCarnicero


      Congratulations! Didn't even know you were married.

  12. The below c-ck Mac Miller sag from the More Mac Miller thread ... so damn hot!

  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/rapper-jaydayoungan-dead-at-24-after-being-shot-outside-his-home/ar-AA103Xfq Unfortunately, he has passed away. This town is about an hour northwest of where I live.
  14. really hot! use the buckle to j erk off. it'll give you a more explosive c umshot!
  15. hell yeah bro! I've jerked off and pissed outside in the woods and in a few indoor places.
  16. hot new saggers on the banner. 

  17. At least he looks like a decent sagger here. nice undies!
  18. since they are most likely under 18, i'll just say dope sagging.
  19. hot low sagging below ass yo

  20. mm yeah. so f'in hot! I've done public jerking/pissing as well.
  21. First couple of bros are hot as f--k! Amazing body and hot sagging!
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