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  1. Cool . . and good for you! Hope that "dork kid" enjoys them as much as you do . . and sounds like he does. (Is he a sagger, also?)
  2. Yeah, especially if you're sagging really low, so all I have to do is grab two handsful of whatever you're wearing . . . and tug. You have me thinking all kinds of exciting thoughts, what I'd do with various kinds of underwear . . . so, what are you most likely to be wearing? (If you were wearing a thong, and the waistband was accessible, I probably would give you the wedgie of your lifetime. Happily - maybe for both of us(?).
  3. Reading all your comments, and knowing how I love to see wet clothes - especially white underwear! - clinging to a guy, even wet boardshorts when a guy's freeballing, I finally figured it out: I'm a skinny cold-blooded guy. From childhood, wet clothes always were a result of being unprotected in the rain; since it (almost) always rains in the winter in California, it's cold, so I always relate wet clothes to being cold and wet. Exception: my trunks (I wear speedos, or smaller - read b-i-k-i-n-i or t-h-o-n-g). I like the feeling - and look! - of them on me . . . or on any guy.
  4. Yup. Here in NorCal, bbs seem to be the most common, middle school boys on up. AND a nice low sag in tight bbs is a gorgeous sight - from either side.
  5. You're right: Trend defo is back to boxerbriefs here in the US, and I see more guys in briefs than in ages. They seem to have gone from scorned to desired. AND they both look hot in sags AND can let a sliver of skin show underneath when a guys sagging basically BTB.
  6. Prefer to Discord; TinyChat having difficulty with my password, don't want to take time to re-register (rather chat with you).
  7. Just went there, 32 minutes after your post, nobody - no even you - there. Don't hang around long?
  8. Bummer on this one, but you're right: one day it WILL happen. Keep on hoping, looking . . . and sagging.
  9. Sounds like an awesome way to collect underwear. Since I'm a part-time freeballer, wouldn't be for me. But for guys who like all brands and varieties, looks pretty good.
  10. You make me wish you lived next door . . . . . . I'd be over to see you - and, of course, your hot sag . . .
  11. Hey! I'm white, and I think black saggers are H O T ! ! ! Keep it up, guys, and them down!
  12. Yeah, but really not for here. Want to PM me for a private showing?
  13. Love the disrobing - everything about the way you do it, and he sequence. Black pants allow absolutely no indication of body profile under them, hips or anything else. Lighting and focus are excellent; I'd love to see that in light-colored pants . . . and, being me, them slid a bit lower. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. (If you want a lot of comments, PM me and we can chat; I have too many ideas to clutter this space.)
  14. Gee! Sweet sag, love the outdoors setting!! If I were to program it: 1 - keep camera aimed on your (luscious!) hips. 2 - early on, peel off shirt, casually fold it and bend over to set it on something - then don't pull up the khakis when you stand up. (they ARE bbs, so letting khakis slide a bit lower can't hurt 3 - at the end, turn around and head back, enough for us to get a few seconds (or more!) of the front view of that sweet low sag . . . just my 3 cents worth . . .
  15. Dunno what's the matter with "most people;" I'd love to get all over your sag, and your skin - for a long time.
  16. Fascinating - how different our experiences are. Thanks for the great comment!
  17. I prefer smaller ones: easier to get all of it into my mouth, and easier to slip into me. AND a small one still can make an awesome bulge (though larger ones make more awesome bulges).
  18. Good, and accurate, shot, man! I read that average for fully erect is 5.5 inches (about 13 - 14cm)
  19. Me, too, though i never considered that a fetish.
  20. Yeah, man! I know the feeling, the desire, and how good it is! Glad you've found out, too.
  21. Hey, All of You Guys, THANK YOU for all the work in locating and installing the new chat system. It's interesting that you may not have realized how often how many of us use it . . . and had been away during the hiatus. Like Tylersagger says, it looks like it will take a bit to get fully comfortable with it, but the added features sure will make it worth the effort. Thanks for keeping up this great site . . . and now, for the new chat feature. YOU GUYS ARE APPRECIATED . . . far more than we bother to tell you. So, keep on being appreciated!
  22. I have a pair almost to that point . . but I still can wear mine commando - and sometimes do. Ooooh! Love the feelings - of air flowing in, and of being seen.
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