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  1. Uh huh, LOTS of luck . . and good eye! Keep it up, man!
  2. Good work, man! Wish I could have my camera (Canon or even phone) handy at view times like that.
  3. Right: sideless shirts are delightfully sexy . . . and intriguing . . . and so suggestive . . .
  4. Good, and accurate, observation. So germane. (We still can enjoy the sight . . . mmmmmm)
  5. Oooh! So hottt!! Wish I'd been there to see that.
  6. I am, and heading for a - hopefully - deserted trail this afternoon . . . wishing you were along . . .
  7. Getting on toward summertime here, so commando in unbelted jeans, as low as surroundings permit. Out hiking, shirtless, in totally deserted areas, at least half-ass, sometimes lower . . .
  8. The first time I sagged outdoors I was too excited and afraid of being caught by strict parents. But I loved the feeling, even more when I took off my shirt. Since then, though, there've been lots of times, especially when sagging commando and shirtless . . . often when hiking in remote areas where I can handle it without fear of being discovered (even when I'd like to be . . .).
  9. Great description of them. Good watch if you like lots of crack and (at least) one guy's A-lines - clearly.
  10. Well said, and I stand corrected. I said it poorly, thanks for catching it.
  11. There is no reason why a sagger wouldn't be friends with you just because you don't sag. In fact, when he knows you admire his sag, it should lock in a friendship for good. Like the guys above have said, go for it, bashful; you have no reason not to.
  12. Around here, we're free to not wear masks outdoors if we stay 6' or more from other people. Otherwise, masks are both necessary and required - which is good.
  13. Not too hard to believe . . . wish it had been me, though. 😉
  14. Good for you! For those of us who have a nudist fetish, it's great . . . especially since your extended family feel the same way. We just have to be sensitive to the feelings of people who are dismayed at seeing people, of either sex or both, naked. I could have used that Cancun beach as well; must put it on my bucket list for later on. . . Thanks for the tip.
  15. Yeah, mine just aren't as weird - maybe - as these others. I have a great underwear fetish, have everything from boxers to thongs and jock straps . . . but I love freeballing, too I have a tanline fetish; I think they're sexy, and the smaller the white strip, the hotter. Others: seeing how low I can sag commando without getting "caught", and being naked outdoors - anywhere, everywhere. Of, biggest fetish of all: sagging.
  16. I've been doing it for years - started when I was about 10 - and enjoy it now as much as I did then. Difference, it was more exciting then because I know mommy would strongly disapprove, and because the feeling of denim on bare skin was so excitingly new. Now, it's just plain comfortable. "Try it; you'll like it" defo applies to commando sagging.
  17. Yeah, man: be like Nike: just do it. Seriously, on a day off, try just putting on jeans over bare skin when you get up, or out of the shower, in the morning. If you're sagging your jeans, remember to not sag low enough for it to be obvious (no more than 1/2 to 1" crack showing, no more than a hint of fringe of pubes (if you're natural). When you need to go out or somewhere where you'd be uncomfortable freeballing, double back and put something under the jeans. You'll be delightfully amazed how soon you'll be comfortable going anywhere commando . . so go enjoy it.
  18. I want to go with you . . . in that dream and in reality!
  19. I'm somewhat like Matt, but the sagging dreams I do remember match my daydreams: sagging BTB shirtless and commando, hiking in some remote and sunny hilly or mountainous region. I never understand if they're flashbacks on times when I've been able to do that or yearnings for what I want to do (more of).
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