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  1. They sure are, Lee. AND, that "28" if 28F, same as -2.2C (same as cold),
  2. You most obviously are not, writing this 16 months after you first wrote. I have a thing for guys' bare torsos; seeing nipples excites me, and when they're under a loose-fitting singlet or similar, they REALLY get me going Thanks for posting the topic.
  3. Upon third, or fourth examination, agreed; I hoped he was showing a hot low sag, but you are right. Hot guy, even if he isn't sagging.
  4. Hey! Look more closely: he's wearing (probably) boxers with black-and-white pattern a bit low, and cargo shorts are totally BTB. Hot, for sure!
  5. Oh, yessss! To find a guy like him in a position/situation like that, with his manhood showing so clearly under thin pink briefs . . . OOOOOOOH!
  6. You should . . . so start by figuring a way to get some, even if they don't fit you perfectly.
  7. Guilty as charged . . . and excitedly enjoying every moment.
  8. Agreed . . . but to return it??? I just keep it, when I won't get caught; love wearing what other guys have worn - the hotter the other guy, the better the underwear feels.
  9. . . and they are HOT (especially on William).
  10. Uh huh, LOTS of luck . . and good eye! Keep it up, man!
  11. Good work, man! Wish I could have my camera (Canon or even phone) handy at view times like that.
  12. Right: sideless shirts are delightfully sexy . . . and intriguing . . . and so suggestive . . .
  13. Good, and accurate, observation. So germane. (We still can enjoy the sight . . . mmmmmm)
  14. Oooh! So hottt!! Wish I'd been there to see that.
  15. I am, and heading for a - hopefully - deserted trail this afternoon . . . wishing you were along . . .
  16. Getting on toward summertime here, so commando in unbelted jeans, as low as surroundings permit. Out hiking, shirtless, in totally deserted areas, at least half-ass, sometimes lower . . .
  17. The first time I sagged outdoors I was too excited and afraid of being caught by strict parents. But I loved the feeling, even more when I took off my shirt. Since then, though, there've been lots of times, especially when sagging commando and shirtless . . . often when hiking in remote areas where I can handle it without fear of being discovered (even when I'd like to be . . .).
  18. Great description of them. Good watch if you like lots of crack and (at least) one guy's A-lines - clearly.
  19. Well said, and I stand corrected. I said it poorly, thanks for catching it.
  20. There is no reason why a sagger wouldn't be friends with you just because you don't sag. In fact, when he knows you admire his sag, it should lock in a friendship for good. Like the guys above have said, go for it, bashful; you have no reason not to.
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