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  1. Anybody wanna skype or kik?

    1. l12336


      yeah add me liam.binley1 :)

  2. i do this but mainly for the boxers look with the restricting feel for u know, my boners
  3. once i get my laptop ill upload a ton of pics

  4. runnerman

    Jacking Off

    Rub the head of ure c**k w/ shaving cream, it feels amazing!
  5. Any1 want to char or txt?

  6. so glad school is done!

  7. people r soo nice on here, unlike other places -__-

  8. and then it was pouring...

  9. how do i add pictures to this?

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    2. CosmoBoy


      thanks digitalplus ;)

    3. Guest


      anything for you cosmo

    4. runnerman


      Ok thank you!

  10. I don't feel like he needed to come out about this topic, most ppl already knew he supported it. I'm just worried about how this election is going to turn out now. But since it's done I'm glad he came out- supporting gay rights! Obama making u.s. History once again!
  11. about to get some much needed sleep!

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