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    I am a freshman at UCSD where I am studying marketing. I work at Abercrombie and Fitch as a greeter on weekends to help with the cost of tuition. In my free time, I like to hang at the beach or the mall showing as much of my boxers as possible.
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    I am active in school sports such as football and cross country. In the summer, I swim a lot.
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  1. Anyone for some basketball?

  2. Hey Pokemon!!

    1. Pokemon


      Hey what's up 

  3. Keeping myself entertained at my parents' house.  I've had these boxers since high school.  You can tell I love this pair because I've washed and worn them so much, they are almost see-through!  Do you guys like?

    1. Pokemon


      Really want to give you a wedgie. But in a good way lol

  4. I wish this lockdown will end already.  Spring break cancelled and school will be closed for at least the next month.  Currently at home with my parents.  No sex in over a week!!  I'm ready to explode!!  How bout you guys?

    1. CJS90


      i hate it :(

    2. Dillon


      Me too bro this is stupid and I feel bored. There is nothing to do

  5. Betcha you can’t guess whether I’m wearing briefs or boxers!!

    1. Pokemon


      Boxer briefs i bet

    2. cargoshorts


      The bio says he likes to show off his boxers. Id like to know what kind of stuff he wears to class

  6. Hitting+the+beach+in+a+ratty+pair+of+jean+shorts. 

    1. Denimsag


      LOL, hope you got your speedos underneath then if they are that ratty.

      Also hope you live in a different part of the world from me (UK) as you would freeze in the sea at the moment here!

    2. fitchstudboy97


      I’m in San Diego where it has been about 75 degrees F. No speedos, just boxers, shorts and a half shirt which I was holding at the time. Too cold for swimming, but good temp for showing off my boxers!

    3. SaggersRhot


      Sounds nice! Did you take pictures of your Jeans and boxers?

  7. My roommate threatened to give me a wedgie if I didn't pull up my pants.  YOU wouldn't give me a wedgie if you saw me, would you?

    1. CJS90
    2. Lee249


      You should give your roommate a wedgie for making that remark 😜

    3. Pokemon


      I'd love to tbh lol

  8. Terrorizing my little bro one last time before heading back to college.  San Diego, I'm coming!!

  9. Got to Florida this Monday for Spring Break.  In our hotel room getting ready to PARTEEEE!!  Hope I didn't cut my crop top too short.  The scissors just kind of took control.

    1. Geemansagger


      Hot crop top shirt

  10. In Florida for spring break.  Getting ready to go PARTEEEEEE!!  Did I cut the crop top too short?

    1. Geemansagger


      Love a guy who sagging his pants and wearing a crop top shirt. I sag my pants and wear a crop shirt. It goes well together. You can show off everything together.

  11. football practice with the boys in just boxers.  taking advantage of the sun because it is supposed to rain this weekend.

  12. trying hard to be sexy.................

  13. Yo!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope to catch you soon!!

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