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  1. hey bro.  I'm by downtown LA.  U in Pasadena now?

  2. I kinda love it when the only thing holding up my sag is my boner. :)

  3. do you want to know what i have in my refrigerator too? lol Age: 17 Gay Straight or Bi: straight/bi-curious Race: white Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA (near San Francisco) Grade: going into 12th Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: boxers What brand do you wear: Hanes Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: ouch, nooooooooooo What do you wear to swim: basic tight swim trunks Do you ever freeball? nope What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): both, i guess Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": slim Do you have any body hair: yeah -- chest, legs, arms (I'm scotti
  4. Sure, bro, I'd love to help you sag; I'm not sure about skype, but maybe. message me about when u want to talk about it.

  5. cut 16 earlier this year, i was lying in bed stroking it and then im like, "Wtf is this stuff coming out of me" then it hit me *duh* This one super hot girl i see once a week (yay for being the only straight guy to answer) (maybe not, but . . .) well, boxers
  6. Black sweatshirt over white tee. black jeans double sagging ten inches over blue checked boxers and red and green plaid boxers. Love dubl saggin.
  7. Black T-shirt and black sweatshirt jacket over it. dark blue jeans sagging 70%, green and blue checked boxers, and slippers (it's cold!).
  8. hey ! you're being very active on here, which is great ! Don't you wanna show us your sag and post some pics ? ^^

  9. Guess that answers that question.
  10. I guess I can see that. So now the question is: for gay: when did u become aware of it? Did u have a crush on a classmate or something? for bi: which did u like first? What made u like both? Or were u born like that?
  11. Navy blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans with a black belt sagging about 3/4 to show my blue checked boxers
  12. Hey gay guys just have a quick question: I'm straight, but i've thought about being gay or bi, so . . . Did you start off gay or straight? What made you gay? Thx
  13. Maybe we like knowing that there's other straight saggers just a thought
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