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  1. skatercub

    Running leggings/tights

    I wear tights to the gym every day, with a pair of Nike Sb shorts over top. I have different types for the activity: running, squats/lifting, or crossfit. Because the tights are compression and slippery, I'm always sagging a bit in the gym. Sometimes a double sag if I have my jock on too. I love the look but it also helps my performance, recovery and stabilizes my knees
  2. skatercub

    NEW Chat Software

    For those of us longtime discord users with a different username, is there anything we can do outside of creating a new account, to use a current account?
  3. skatercub

    Pink underwear

    I have a pink Puma jock, the boys seem to like it, lol.
  4. skatercub

    jeans with rips and holes

    I'm not big on ripped but tight and stretchy with the right sneakers is my daily look
  5. Many times. Had a guy hit on me just because I had a super cute sag going and we ended up back at his place - that was the most memorable. He noticed I had on CB13 underwear, so that's how he figured he had a chance! I thought I might yesterday flirting with a guy, but he was just interested in my new Jordan 1 retro OGs lol..
  6. skatercub

    Favourite brand of jeans for sagging

    Nudie skinny lin I also wear zanerobe chinos and the odd pair of Hollister jeans
  7. I wear tights to work out (and for recovery on leg days) so there have been times I've come to the door in nothing but tights and a tanktop
  8. skatercub

    How old are y’all boys

    The closest I come is on Fridays when I wear a pair of Zanerobe drop crotch chinos to work
  9. skatercub

    How old are y’all boys

    Yeah I turn 35 this year. I don't get to sag much as now I'm a corporate director :/
  10. Looking forward to finding a good whisky shop in London!

  11. Will be traveling to London and Cannes next month! 

  12. Why did I just now discover Zanerobe? Can't wait to wear them next time I hook up with a guy.

  13. New black super skinnies and bbs from American Eagle to go with my Vans Sk8 Highs

    1. skatercub


      it got a lot of attn., that's for sure

    2. skatercub


      it got a lot of attn., that's for sure


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