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    been saggin for a while now well cool like n luv it but still unsure if i strght or bi
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    saggin, bikes, parties, gym
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  1. hi m8!


    1. Bbfet


      Hey man. What's up? :)

    2. blackshirt
    3. Bbfet


      Same. Just got off work. :)


  2. blackshirt

    I Have A Wedgie Fetish

  3. blackshirt

    turned on by CUM

    luv cumin in my solks n walkin round with it squelchin ; luv it drippin out me n all - well hot! warm n wet in me silks n soakin through to show stains n stuff
  4. blackshirt

    Boner from sagging

    same here - especially when i'm in silks n going below arse , gets well boned up but me m8s do n all so not such a problem in a group like
  5. blackshirt

    how to get a girl.

    my now gf luvs me saggin n thats how we met - i was new in school n she saw me saggin n asked me why is did it, i dsed it made me feel good - n she was lookin down at the front of me sag n i started gettin hard - well embaraasin but she kinda liked seein me gat hard. then i went ovr t her place to 'hellp her with homework' n we ended up doin it coz her folks were out n she wanted to feel inside me sag - she licked me , then i licked her n worked up her body till me c**k was rubbin her clit - then WOW!
  6. i get hard when i sag n me gf luvs it! she cant stop puttin her hands down there n then it normally ends up in her like! i luv saggin in town with a hard on - u get some awsume looks like!
  7. blackshirt


    v horny!
  8. depends who n where but luv t go below arse n c**k usually baggies n tite shirt with bjorn boxers. me gf luvs if below c**k but it can get embarrasin as i usually get hard with her around!
  9. blackshirt

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    death magnetic - judas kiss - awsum
  10. my gf luvs me saggin n most of me m8s do it - when we walkin home she likes me t sag below me arse n low in the front so she can see me c**k in me boxers -its usually hard obviously!!
  11. blackshirt

    Word Association Game

  12. blackshirt

    Buffing Up For The Summer

    as long as u work out enuf u can drink - i does circuits b4 i go out n again in the mornin afer n no probs - circuits also gr8 hang over cure!
  13. blackshirt

    Buffing Up For The Summer

    plenty of 'planks' n ' roll outs' n keep on wit the weights m8. i aint given up drink but if u exercise good u dont need to - just do it till ur abs burn n keep saggin when ur doin it!
  14. blackshirt

    What are you wearing right now?

    black LP t shirt, blue baggie cobat jeans black bjorn borg boxers saggin 3/4 n doc marten boots with yellow laces
  15. blackshirt

    I Am Officially Straight

    i deffo prefer girls but open minded i mean i did a few things with a boy in juvii but that was really more t get by than coz i liked it

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