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    I really love sagging and wedgies so pm me if you wanna chat :)
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  1. heyy are you in australia? my insta is worldsagger and just moved here

    would be cool to meet

  2. CodyT

    Wedgie 1

  3. CodyT

    Wedgie in CKs

    I got some white calvins to do a #inmycalvins kinda thing but I got sidetracked...
  4. CodyT


    I agree. I think you should confront him about it and go from there. You didn't give consent for that photo to be given, and while he may have deleted it, him taking it is a violation of your privacy and trust in him. Definitely voice your opinion to him, and tell him it wasn't cool.
  5. CodyT

    Video Games

    Anyone into League of Legends here?
  6. "I'll Be Fine" by Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes Also the theme tune to Josh Thomas' show "Please Like Me"
  7. Looking for something sassy? Here you go:

  8. CodyT


    Might seem mainstream, but pop has been a favourite genre of mine for a while. I guess I just have a straight side when it comes to things, as 99% of the things I like immediately tells a person that I am gay haha. Favourite artists include: Lady Gaga (mmhmmm gurl), Alex Newell (anyone from Glee), Katy Perry (I might actually not have a straight side and just love all them rainbows hmm) I also love classical music (playing the viola), and love all the classics like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart etc. Recently found this cool duet of a violin and viola, they are just amazing. They... They... They're just so amazing. Here's a link:
  9. When you see your crush sag <3

  10. I love Friends! Especially Phoebe. ... Oh...Right... My best friend used to a lot, now that we don't see ear other much, I'm not sure if he still sags. I never really felt bad for peaking though...
  11. Anyone else excited for Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie?

    1. dirrtydogg


      I know feckin' am!

    2. CodyT


      Haha yes! Wish we could see it together haha ;)

  12. CodyT

    Saggerworld App?

    Haha thanks guys I'd really love an app or something I guess, it would be great But I'm not tech savvy so not sure how hard it would be to make it happen
  13. CodyT

    Saggerworld App?

    Hi. Hello. Bonjour if you speak French. I am terrible with technology, but is there a Saggerworld app, can I suggest one? Would it be possible, although this site is already really amaze balls.
  14. Hairspray: Welcome to the 60's

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