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  1. I love to fart loud while sagging
  2. Two albums coming up guys ;)

  3. So today i saw a dude that came out from the soccer stadium sagging, he was sagging right below the butt and he has an AMAZING buttcrack and two perfect and fat cheeks with those abs and no hairy legs, his underwear was white and with light blue strippes, i won't never forget that butt, my god it was amazing <3

    1. Sagonmyface


      Did you stick your face in there? :)

    2. Agentone


      miam so hawt

  4. Tomorrow classes starts again ... T_T

    1. Sagger1997


      ik the feel -.-

  5. I bough Adventure Time underwear :D

    1. VLADtymon


      Fun to sag in?

    2. Laixe


      Indeed, i love it <3

  6. hola tio, felicidades por las fotos, tienes un culo impresionante y muy buen gusto con los calzoncillos. Me alegra que poco a poco vaya habiendo mas españoles aqui porque somos muy pocos. un saludo!

  7. i dind't go to school today, i stay in the bed until 1:00 and then i go outside, i meet a girl and when i was in the bus, one guy wake up, and he was sagging right below the butt, god, what an ASS! .i.

    1. TombRaider008


      Wow! That must've been hot!

  8. So today i dind't go to school, and i saw two saggers outside, one was sitting near me, and when he wake up....

    1. Laixe


      when the wake up i was like : OH, GOD, YES

  9. So long since i didn't get laid, i needed it so badly, also, firts time in a public bathroom

  10. Im bored -_-

    1. Laixe


      very funny è_é

  11. Wow i wish i could be him, i love piss !
  12. Racks in My Pocket - CaseDaKid (M.I.A Bad Girls)
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