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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-46434711 Looking at my feed so far, this is being done very inconsistently. Some pictures that are pornographic aren't being deleted, some that aren't are being deleted. Looks like a lot of people are moving to 'Pillowfort' https://twitter.com/Pillowfort_io?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  2. As in both accounts are deleted? Or just this FBI one?
  3. JakeMitchell90

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    Saw this video and thought of this thread
  4. JakeMitchell90

    Free Tommy Robinson!

    There is no freedom of speech in the UK? What a load of cobblers. Have you ever lived here or are you basing that on what a TV pundit has said?
  5. Wow. This thread made me pretty sad until the 3rd page. I'm straight but like sagging, I don't believe that makes me an automatic gay? If it does than I better take the engagement ring back! Straight guys can be effeminate, gay guys can be macho. What matters is that you are comfortable with yourself. How you act around others isn't anyone else's problems and if they do have a problem, you get rid of them from your lives.
  6. JakeMitchell90

    Danemark saggers

    We used to have a full transcript of the video on BAC - anyone remember THAT forum? A proper throwback
  7. JakeMitchell90

    I know this is bad but...

    So I've asked mods if they thought it wise to keep the pictures on the OP on here, made a sarcastic comment and tried to move the topic away from politics and back to sagging and I run the place?
  8. JakeMitchell90

    I know this is bad but...

    We seem to have wandered off topic slightly?
  9. JakeMitchell90

    I know this is bad but...

    Are they diapers?
  10. JakeMitchell90

    I know this is bad but...

    I think it would be best - whilst tensions around this subjet are high - for admin to delete this post?
  11. JakeMitchell90

    James Guy

    Not necessarily sagging. But pretty hot. Trying to find out the name of the guy behind him, too!
  12. Sagging pretty low in the theatre, my boxers billowing out had lifted up my t-shirt, got some proper tuts from the old people around. Felt good

    1. Lukey


      Nice mate, what I like to hear ;) 

  13. JakeMitchell90

    Italian Youtubers

    @Ryan980 all of them?
  14. JakeMitchell90

    Lee Hinchcliffe

    5:46 - end
  15. JakeMitchell90

    Kenny Bilksi

    He's started doing challenge videos, this one has the best shots of him sagging so far

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