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  1. I was blown by a mate. He was 16. I'm 17
  2. I haven't had a Blowy in a while. Does someone wanna give me one?
  3. Who thinks there should be a Saggerworld app?
  4. snapchat anyone sagger1997

    1. Sagonmyface


      Five stars for your profile pic

  5. has anyone got any pics of them sagging in blue boxers?? message me if u do!!

    1. Achelliezz


      I do it should be up in my profile in a day or two

    2. sexysaggerengland


      check my profile gallery, I made a new album :>

  6. Thanks for the add mate :)

  7. has anyone got any pics of them sagging and handcuffed?

    1. SaggingNikk


      Hell yeah dude, message me sometime

  8. someone email me some pictures of them sagging

  9. everyone draw your attention to my forum of SAM CALLAHANS SAG

  10. has anyone got any handcuffs they can send me so i can take pics of me sagging whilst handcuffed

  11. should i wear cartoon boxers whilst sagging

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