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    Hey! I'm a friendly 30yo who has always found sagging sexy, nice to meet like minded people :)
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  1. Thinking of ideas for next album - any suggestions? Any undies already shown that ppl want again, in diff setting?

    1. CaptainPanther


      Next album might include your sharppencil LOL, but then you,all get banned ;-)

    2. Sharppencil


      haha oh - that's reserved for my snapchat and cam4 accounts haha

    3. CaptainPanther


      Hahaha. Cheeky lol

  2. Just uploaded my Aussiebum album :-) Hope I got the pics up the right way haha Sorry it's a boring album, waiting for summer to do outside pics

  3. Got some Aussiebum's ordered! Can't wait to get them and get some pics!

    1. Lee249


      Brilliant. We look forward to seeing them :D

  4. Thanks for the feedback on my new pics xx

  5. New pics awaiting approval :) Sorry it took so long

    1. Rekhel
    2. Sharppencil


      thanks man! it's taken me so long to get new ones up I really appreciate that :-)

  6. Will get some new pics up soon, sorry I've been away from here lately, crazy busy :-(

    1. Lee249


      Not to worry pal. We all understand how it is :)

  7. Still keen for even more snapchat mates, add me - sharppencil - let me know you're from here ;)

    1. Sharppencil


      should have kik up and running tomorrow too, will let you know in case you wanna join me there

    2. salesmerlin


      add me when you do salesmerlin :)

  8. Snap chat? sharppencil

    1. Sharppencil


      add me if you want, snap chat any thing you want ;)

  9. God my sag feels so good today. Turned a few heads. Had heaps of other saggers to look at too. Hot hot hot! Now the effects of the hottness are well.... ;)

  10. Happy New Year!

    1. manniberlin


      happy new year... :)

    2. Miguel


      Happy new year!!!!!!

  11. Merr Christmas to all you beautiful people! Sag low and have a great day

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. manniberlin


      i sagged underass decorating the tree....merry xmas

    3. flameboard
  12. Love this time of year, cold in the morning, then hot during the day - gettin to wear several different sets of clothes in 1 day ;)

    1. graffie34


      its cold here and thats it

    2. Sharppencil


      haha Yeah man! I've done a couple of winters up there, not many people have the right to complain about the cold, but Canadians sure have the right! I remember -40 with a wind chill of -60. That's cold ;)

    3. graffie34


      a parka sonwpants gloves hat and layers underneath haha lots of layers

  13. I have 1 tattoo and 1 nipple pierced - What do you have? What do you like on a guy?
  14. Hey guys! Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered already. I find after a day out sagging, and being surrounded by hot guys, my boxer briefs are soaking with precum It restricts how low I can sag as the day goes on haha Does anyone else have this happen?
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