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    Redirect from another Sagging Site
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    Hi I'm Nikk living in South East London, I love sagging especially double sagging with jeans or trackie bottoms, hoping to make friends with guys into the same,
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    Travel, movies, flying, riding my motorbike & hanging with friends
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    Cabin Crew for BA
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  1. Is recoverying from a sick weekend at London Pride

    1. Guest


      What did you do there to get sick ? :P

      You doing ok though ?

  2. Just chilling on Sunday morning

  3. Just chilly on Sunday morning

  4. Is feeling amazing up beat for a Monday morning saggin on my way to work

  5. Happy Australia Day to all my fellow sagging Aussies

    1. flameboard
    2. kaytea


      I'm wearing my Bonds boxerbriefs to celebrate!

  6. Happy Christmas to all my sagging mates, hope u have a good one!

    1. Sharppencil


      merry Christmas to you too :-)

    2. Lee249


      Merry Christmas :)

  7. Is back after a break from the site

  8. Really enjoyed the chat last nite guys lol

  9. Has just seen the most amazon street dance version of Swan Lake!

  10. Is back in London & ready to wet sag in the rain

  11. Is on annual leave enjoying the sun, no WIFI though where I'm staying

    1. SaggingNikk


      Can't really its my family

  12. Is loving having 2day off work

    1. Guest


      Lucky you, wish I could have the day off!


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