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  1. Nice vid with to guys getting wet in the sea. Sometimes you can see a little bit sagging at one of the guys.
  2. today chilling in grey boxerbriesf, black nike sweatpants, black hollister v-neck, grey ziphoodie and white nike sneakers^^
  3. I got nice soaked to the skin in heavy rain today.
  4. Today I wear blue carhartt-jeans with black leatherbelt, grey bbs, white t-shirt, grey sleveless ziphoodie and white nikes
  5. unfortunately not, was traveling with friends who protected cams and phones from water
  6. in pool fully clothed with shoes, jeans and tshirt. in spring with jeans and shirt. and in sea with cargoshort, tshirt and hoodie a bit drunken =D. always with boxers of course^^
  7. was in holiday again and was also wet while sagging. once in pool, one time in spring and once in sea. really great. =D
  8. grey reell-jeans, brown belt, blue plaid boxershort, grey t-shirt, blue hollister hoodie and white nike sneakers
  9. for work now blue bbs, blue jack&jones-jeans, white burton tee, black chile62-jacket, blue winterjacket and brown boxfresh-shoes. lets have a look how low pants will go.. =D
  10. green-plaid boxershorts, sagging beige j&j-pants with brown belt, a grey v-neck, blue hollister sweater and brown boxfresh-shoes ^^
  11. grey jack and jones-pants sagging with white belt, black boxerbriefs, white v-neck, blue hollister sweatjacket, black leatherjacket and white nike-sneakers =)
  12. just beer-showered in a beige chino sagging half ass =) with brown leather belt, blue-plaid boxershort, blue-plaid shirt with white v-neck under. also wearing white nikes and a brown leather jacket ^^
  13. beige jacknjones chino sagging 1/2 wirh brown belt, blue/grey plaid boxer, green v-neck-shirt and white nikes
  14. old blue g-star-jeans with white belt, sagging half ass of course. (:, blue plaid boxershort, white nike t-shirt, black hoodie, black adidas-chile jacket and white nike sneakers.
  15. white-plaid boxershort, grey jack&jones chino with white belt, white vans t-shirt, green adidas-jacket and white chucks
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