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  1. Love your Tumblr!

  2. I totally love your profile pic fo real 

  3. Check your PMs man :) 

    1. Lee249


      Sent you a response to PMs buddy.

  4. When I was still in high school in the Netherlands, there was a teacher, still very young, 24 or so, who sagged pretty low. Sometimes students commented on it, then he would just say he is used to doing it from when he was younger. Then he would just go back to teaching without pulling his pants up. And even though some students commented on it, they didn't really care. It's pretty relaxed here fortunately! But I'm assuming you live in the US, so I don't know how they will respond to sagging teachers there. About smoking, I feel like there must be a teacher on every school anywhere
  5. I think he meant 1:33 - 1:38 instead of 0:33 - 0:37
  6. He is sagging quite low in all the videos, in the 4th video it's very obvious, especially at 4:08 Just look closely, I'm sure you'll see it Also in this one you can see he's sagging low at 2:04
  7. I also don't get why they censor that 4:02 part and not the part at 4:14, but I'm glad they didn't because that was just amazingly hot
  8. your tumblr is so hot man!!!

    1. MrLegit


      Sorry for my late reply, but thanks a lot man! :)

  9. It's a trailer for a prank they're gonna do, the actual prank is gonna be uploaded soon i think
  10. Oh okay then, well i haven't so i wouldn't know, sorry
  11. What kind of youtube videos?
  12. No, they aren't haha, it would indeed be awesome if they actually would
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