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  1. And another new album x

  2. Another new album. Show some love ❤️

  3. New album coming soon... again! Sagging @ work ;)


  4. New album coming up ;) 

    1. Lukey


      u have skype? if so what is it plz?

  5. Another new album. Looks like some pictures got rejected though because I was being a bit naughty :P

  6. Another new album coming up! Who'd want to join me? ;)

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    2. Lukey


      That's gd i can get easy access to Manchester :D

    3. DannyDaSagger


      I'm also northern UK - wanna Skype (inbox me?) ;)

    4. sexysaggerengland


      inbox me, i've got snapchat, and ayyy lukey :>

  7. New album again haha

    1. Lukey


      YH! Loved it! wish i could sag with you though :/?

    2. sexysaggerengland


      On 02/04/2017 at 7:08 PM, Lukey said:

      YH! Loved it! wish i could sag with you though :/?

      tbh same

  8. If you've not seen my album of sagging outside in all black at night under ass/c**k and tight, then check it out on my profile :)

    1. Sagonmyface


      I saw it and got a hard-on, hehe.

  9. sexysaggerengland

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Not exactly sagging but 2:03 - 2:14
  10. 2 new videos, inbox for details, ps: I don't want to be sharing it to people who I may know in real life so if you've not got any profile picture/albums don't bother :)

  11. Another new album. Whoops

  12. New album!

    1. Lukey


      I saw mate, nice. Do you have kik mesenger or anything to keep in contact with?

  13. What would you want to see in a shower sagging scene?

    1. sagstvp


      takin' a good piss in a pair of skinny jeans, slowly wetting the crotch and the inseams down to a pair of white laced, red and blue high top osiris sneakers.

      The shower is turned on and is slowly but surely soaking the white t-shirt, making it stick to a hot 6-pack and chest, revealing a pair of yellow, orange or red boxer briefs thare are barely able to conceal the bulge...

      The weight of the water is pulling the sag down below ass, revealing the bulge in all its glory. Once turned around, it's clear that our sagging friend has a rock hard ass to match his boner.

      By now the entire jeans are soaking wet and even the sneakers are spilling over because of the constant stream of water that fills them.

  14. New album coming up soon so keep checking ;)


    If you want a video of me sagging... and doing something else... inbox me :P

  15. Another new album where I did some midnight sagging outside. Have fun, you won't regret it ;)

    1. Lukey


      I got a boner and found it hot how you were sagging outside in the dark in the hot skinny jeans and nice boxers x Where you from? 

    2. sexysaggerengland


      Aw thanks, and all the way in Manchester haha :) 

    3. Lukey


      No problem, nice, I'm in Norwich I'm also gay and 20 if you would like to keep in contact with me then I have Skype, FaceTime etc... xx 

  16. Check out my new album guys :P

  17. New album up, check it out. Not uploaded on here for agesssssssss

    1. bondboy007


      hey have skype or kik 


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