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  1. You're right, I agree. But it's also refreshing in the way that it depicts innocence as something much more common than what we're used to. And I don't see that is something bad. For comparison, Elite is rather exaggerated.
  2. I watched the second season yesterday and couldn't stop thinking about my dating days. I even got my eyes wet 🥹 Is anyone else watching Heartstopper? ❤️ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10638036/
  3. You're missing out big time, but you're also blessed that you're not cumming while you sleep... which is basically a huge waste.
  4. ('cause I've done it) Norway cruise (on Royal Caribbean) River beach or ocean/sea beach?
  5. Portugal, not. I have a few friends who are, but they're a minority.
  6. I just got some new performance Björn Borg bbs, expect pics soon 😘

    1. Lee249


      Thanks. Look forward to them 👌

  7. I'm going with the speedos. Sandy beach or pebbly beach?
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