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  1. Hey guys! finally back on skype if you wanna add me, havent been able to log in in months


  2. New skype if you wanna add: live:cf7d783dfe3ed550

    1. saggerprince


      add me: saggato24 

  3. New profile pic!  i need to upload a new album soon

  4. I need to make a new album, any suggestions as to what you wanna see most? let me know ;)

    1. kaden


      bbs and bballs sagging low wearing hitops :) 

  5. New pics coming up soon :) hope yall like

    1. TheOther1


      Nice sagging :D

    2. Sagonmyface


      Yeah, really nice

  6. Finally home from work, havent been this horny in awhile ;)

  7. Gonna be a boring weekend, how is everybody anways?

  8. Wish i had a BF that was also in sagging, would be SOOO hot

  9. Nothing like alittle morning wood ;D

  10. More new pics! let me know what you guys think

  11. I will upload more soon! just finding my way around :P

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