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  1. Any Sagger In Berlin ? i'll be there in a couple of days (even better if you can host :P )

  2. Y'a t'il des âmes généreuses pour m’accueillir sur PARIS vendredi soir (29 septembre 2017) ? envoyez un PM ^^ 

    Anyone living in PARIS willing to host me friday night ? PM me ! :) 


  3. and I, on the other hand, am not such a nice boy FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !
  4. I love how David is the only one being nice, spreading peace and love everywhere when we, on the other hand, insult each other's countries xD
  5. I don't like Flameboard. I LOVE HIM !!! (no homo.)
  6. why do we don't like Flameboard already ?
  7. alright .. and yeah I agree , good saggers are hard to find these days :/
  8. I know right ... I've got plenty of friends living here that didn't want this ... and one whose parents just moved in, now they're considering going back where they were ... Anyway , enough sappy politics : French saggers are WAY BETTER !
  9. Well considering the Brexit, we've the advantage when we make fun of you, British Gentlemen
  10. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT ! well , Rekhel is the exception ...
  11. Nantes is just nearby the UK , come visit me instead !
  12. Hot pics dude

    1. Towan


      hey thanks man, you too :)

  13. Congrats on another incredible album mate. Top drawer! ;)

  14. your sagging is incredibly cool towan. have not come across you on here until today while looking at the sites gallery. love yor style

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