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  1. That's a pretty nice collection of boxers you have there! I don't need any for the time being but if I did, and it was feasible to post to UK, I'd let you know
  2. I thought about trying this myself one day. Maybe I should - basketball shorts as underwear must feel nice and good, as they are loose
  3. These styles look really good! Also... LEATHER SHORTS AND LEATHER JOGGERS/PANTS!!! Love those so much, I'd wear leather stuff all the time if I could
  4. Yes! I love ASOS too, and have bought quite a few things from there
  5. Oh yes that loooks lovely! Good job! Must feel good Also love how you're sagging low whilst doing that as well Maybe one day (like when they're ready to be washed) you could try pissing both your boxers and your joggers would be so cool!
  6. Awesome! Yeah I can see a little bit. Nice! :D Also I love loose fitting boxers as well :) (though I do also have some tighter ones too)
  7. yes please! Got to love pissed pants and undies, looks and feels good so any pics you're willing to share would be great :D
  8. Haha nice one! Gotta love the look (and feel!) of pissed pants/boxers etc. Looks and feels so good! whenever it gets to the point that my clothes have to go for washing, i sometimes just piss them anyways as it feels nice
  9. Today has set a wonderful achievement. 4 whole years of sagging, and still going strong. Yes, I started 4 years ago to the very day (October 28, 2017). It's been well worth it, and I'm not stopping anytime soon. 

    Keep sagging! :D

  10. I do it whenever I can be bothered to and whenever I feel like it. Still feels good
  11. A few of my pairs of basketball style shorts, but the best ones for me are my imitation leather joggers and shorts. Boy are they so good! Oh and thanks for the suggestions of basketball shorts with no boxers underneath. Might try that... One day I might even wear my leather joggers/shorts with nothing on underneath. That would be so awesome...
  12. Haha yes! I watch Countdown (or used to until a while back) and did note a few of these.
  13. Never heard of those sites before, but I'd love to hear about other sagging sites/sagging forums
  14. Ooh those look so good! I don't do it all the time, but I have been known to get wet just before sleeping it's especially nice to sag in wet clothes
  15. That looks so nice, so so nice and hot! Bet it felt good too! Wish I could have fun like that with someone
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