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  1. rusty

    "Accidental" sagging while skiing

    Just had to post these:
  2. rusty

    Anybody into Cars?

    I'm majorly into cars - Volkswagens to be exact. But I'll accept certain European cars too. My Jetta VR6 that I converted to be pretty much Euro-spec: My Passat G60 Syncro: My Passat 16v that's getting a heart transplant very soon: I just sold my Audi allroad - I didn't need a twin-turbo charged, 6-speed, all-wheel-drive wagon as a daily. Once I finish school, I'm rewarding myself with an RS4.
  3. cool pix bro...great sagz

  4. jace

    u r such a sexy sagger, luvin the new pix! baggy saggin low is my favorite!

  5. Hey dude, you should post pics of your sgger friend (The Sagger boy story)

  6. sup bro? how you been?

  7. rusty

    Ultimate exposure

    Shantim24, you post some pretty messed-up stuff. Like wow.
  8. hi buddy

    your pics are hot

    you str8?? im gay

    18 in Australia

  9. sup dude? how have you been lately?

  10. rusty

    Christmas revenge

    Cool story, bro!
  11. rusty

    smell sneakers socks

    I think it would be great if there was a new category created so that people could post up their rides! Your Saturn shouldn't have any trouble for quite a while, the 1.9 is a damn-near bullet proof engine!
  12. rusty

    smell sneakers socks

    Wrong forum, but whatever. The coolant smell inside the cabin means that your heater core is leaking. You might want to replace it soon before it bursts, spraying 100+ degree coolant in your eyes and draining your coolant. It also sounds like either your water pump is failing (most likely the impeller has lost one of its fins), or your thermostat is stuck partially open. It's also probably due to it being a Chevy. That shouldn't matter. A properly designed and maintained cooling system should be able to maintain a steady and consistent temperature, regardless of driving conditions. For example, my Jetta VR6 stays at 93˚C all the time. Same goes with the rest of my fleet. The only time I've had fluctuating engine temperatures was with my old Bunny - two of the impeller fins broke off and became lodged in the coolant distribution block.
  13. rusty

    hottest place you ever jacked off?

    - They'll only react if they notice. And they'll only notice if you draw attention to yourself, ie screaming, moaning, fidgeting. Some people are able to control themselves and be discrete. - It's rather easy to get hard when other people are around and start masturbating. Perhaps you have self-image issues, paranoia, low self-esteem, or are shy. Why would one feel guilty? - Refer to point one. If no one knows you're jackin' it, they won't be able to stop you. FYI, it does happen. Back in science 10, the guy beside me rubbed one out during a movie one day.
  14. hey man sup how are you


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