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  1. Getting chilly fast, turned on the heat for the first time since May. Fall is finally here!
  2. Not sure many people do in any professional field due to the connotation it brings. Not on the job at least, though some places like university labs or small tech companies may not care as much.
  3. The other night out had on: my college snapback, tall hoodie, AE boxerbriefs, gray jordan shorts half ass, loose Levis mid thigh, wallet chain, DC sneaks. throwback to 2006
  4. I've always felt the same way; a techie turned software developer and like movies and gaming. Basically your stereotypical nerd. Same as most are my friends. But as long as no one's somehow getting hurt, I say you do you. Great thread btw
  5. If you can get em on discount, Jordan (sub brand of Nike) are pretty nice
  6. Nice PC setup too! Thuggin' a bit today with a New Era, tall hoodie, red Jordan shorts, loose Levi's just below ass, chain, DC shoes
  7. was cold af up here today. black/white DC shoes, double sag loose AE jeans over green Jordan shorts, AE boxers, white stud belt, tall black hoody, fitted new era
  8. 32 usually. Getting the right length (long enough) is the hard part
  9. Got a few gross days in the mid 90s (F) recently, otherwise clear and in the low-mid 80s. No rain in like a month
  10. Kinda surprised since Boston seems like a trendy city Sorry off topic. Most people here started like 12
  11. We've had the same thing every day for the past week up here in the PNW. Cloudy n mild mornings, burns off around 1pm and warms to high 70s F
  12. Calf length Jordan shorts, calf socks, slim t shirt, backwards fitted hat
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